Boon Edam Security Entrances at La Perla Ferris Wheel

Turnstiles Ensure Effective Entry Control for South America’s Largest Ferris Wheel

Lillington, North Carolina, 19 April, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the gigantic ferris wheel, known as La Perla, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has installed a combination of Boon Edam turnstiles to facilitate secure entry and egress for all visitors to the new attraction. La Perla soars 57 meters above the city--equal to an 18-story building—and boasts 36 cabins that can hold a total of 216 people. The ferris wheel turns at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour for a total ride time of approximately 12 minutes and 24 seconds. La Perla has become one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Guayaquil. But more than just a tourist attraction, La Perla was designed as an “observation wheel”, giving all its riders access to amazing views of the Malecón 2000, known for its historic monuments, gardens, and vistas of the Guayas River. Turnstiles ensure secure ingress and egress Given the magnitude and importance of this project for the city of Guayaquil, two major concerns were security and access control. The entrance to the ferris wheel is divided into two lanes, each with a Boon Edam Trilock 75 CA (“collapsing arm”) tripod turnstile for the entry and then a single full height Turnlock 100 turnstile at the exit. This Boon Edam security entry solution was put to the test from the ferris wheel’s first go-around. The night of October 26, 2016 was declared a premier and Guayaquil’s mayor was determined that all the city’s inhabitants could have a free ride. The lines for the ride were so long that they reached the pier, located on the north side of the Malecón.  “Trilock 75 tripod turnstiles have the capacity to lower their arms in special situations or in case of an emergency, with the use of a panic button. On the other hand, the main objective of the full height Turnlock 100 at the exit is to stop people from trying to enter illegally, which is prevented by its mechanical function,” explained Carlos Guerrero, Sales Manager for Only Control S.A., the company in charge of equipment installation. “It was a highly publicized event, all eyes were on La Perla, so our staff had to work overtime and over the weekend before the premier to ensure that the system would be ready,” Mr. Guerrero added. The added value of integrated access control The turnstiles are integrated into La Perla’s ticket booth via a barcode and QR code reader access control solution, so that ticket holders are admitted or denied entry based on the validity of their tickets. “This equipment offers a solution that does not require human intervention to control access to the attraction, because the system itself validates the tickets. Now, the security personnel can focus their attention on the flow of visitors and not get distracted by who does or does not enter. With this system, the client can be sure that only valid ticket holders can gain access,” an Only-Control executive explained. Since its inauguration in October, over 75,000 people, including tourists and local visitors, have used the La Perla each month. Because it is an outdoor application, located next to a river, the fact that the turnstiles are made of non-corroding stainless steel becomes very important. Also, “the system is fast and efficient and that helps us serve a high volume of people in a short time,” said Mr. Guerrero.   For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E  

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Boon Edam Organizational Growth 2017

Expanding Sales, Customer Service Staff to Support Record Sales Growth

Lillington, North Carolina, 29 March, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the company has hired a new Vice President of Customer Experience and further expanded its sales team to support continued strong demand for entrance solutions in the Americas. New Vice President of Customer Experience Kevin Thomasson was recently hired by Boon Edam to drive efficiency in sales support and order fulfillment. Kevin has over 16 years of sales, marketing, and operations experience, managing and directing teams from ChannelAdvisor, LexisNexis, and SciQuest. At Boon Edam, Kevin’s team includes: Technical Training, Inside Sales, Project Coordination, Installation Support and Technical Support. Project Coordination is an innovative new department that originated from Inside Sales and will specialize in submittal drawings, custom engineering requests, order fulfillment, and delivery coordination. Kevin stated, “With the world class talent we have at Boon Edam, our ultimate goal is to make the customer experience effortless from beginning to end.” Kevin works at the Lillington plant and lives in Cary, NC. Four New Business Development Managers To increase sales coverage and further improve customer service in the USA, Boon Edam has hired new Business Development Managers to deliver on-site entrance consultations in smaller geographic regions. All Business Development Managers report to National Sales Managers Valerie Anderson (Midwest, Canada and East) or JC Powell (West and South). Jon Merone, is the new Mid-Atlantic Region Business Development Manager. He is a native of Iowa and is a seasoned professional with a sales background in the industries of construction, industrial, environmental and electrical utilities. His recent companies include Lekson Associates, Safety-Kleen, and Pella. Jon covers Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC and is based in Frederick, MD.   Lyndell Kline is Boon Edam’s Northeast Region Business Development Manager brings over 22 years’ experience in the security industry, in both the integrator/dealer and manufacturing segments. Lyndell was the Director of Sales for Security First, Inc. and Senior Sales Representative for UTC Fire and Security. She covers New York (excluding New York City), Pennsylvania and Delaware, and is based in Wyomissing, PA. Todd Yandell is the Business Development Manager for the South Texas Region. A native of Houston, Texas, Todd has spent the last 17 years in the construction industry in sales and sales management with companies such as Sika Sarnafil and Duro-Last, focusing on specifiers and builders for commercial applications. He is based in Houston, TX. Kevin Friend is the new Business Development Manager for the Midwest Central Region, covering Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota.  An Ohio native, he has spent the last 18 years working in the construction industry in Sales Management and Business Development. His experience has spanned working in Business Development for an exterior glazing contractor to Sales Management with the Stonhard Group. Kevin works out of West Des Moines, IA. Enterprise Sales Expansion Enterprise Accounts was an initiative started in 2013, and is headed by Mark Perkins, VP of Enterprise Security Accounts. The team works in cooperation with regional BDMs to ensure that Enterprise customers receive superior service at all levels. Two new members were promoted from regional Business Development Manager roles to BDM – Enterprise Accounts: Dale Gigandet, PE, CPP, CISSP, covers the Eastern Region. He is a seasoned, 30-year veteran of the security industry, with an extensive background in design/build solutions for protecting people and property from security threats and vulnerabilities. Dale is a registered professional engineer, certified protection professional, and certified information systems security professional based in Newbury, MA.   Ted Lewis covers the Western Region and has been in the security industry for over 24 years. He has gained experience at various companies including EMI, Stantron, Nice Systems, Vicon, and he’s served as an independent manufacturer’s representative for Pelco, Exacq, Speco Paxton, and Vigilant Video. Ted has acquired various certifications throughout his career including Pelco, Exacq, Vicon, AMAG, GE, Hirsch, and others. He is based in Valencia, California. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Boon Edam Security Entrances at Eastman Corporate Business Center

Eastman Uses Multi-layered Entrance Strategy at New Corporate Business Center

Lillington, North Carolina, 22 March, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Eastman based in Kingsport, TN, installed a multi-layer security entrance strategy, utilizing a combination of Boon Edam Tourlock security revolving doors and Speedlane 996 optical turnstles, at its Corporate Business Center. Eastman manufactures advanced materials and specialty additives at approximately 50 locations worldwide, which are used by its customers as key ingredients to make products people use every day. Eastman’s Corporate Business Center opened in 2016 and is approximately 300,000 square feet in size. Prior to its construction,  Eastman utilized SafeSec security revolving doors (company acquired by Boon Edam) as well as Boon Edam Tourlocks at one of its manufacturing facilities. Both types of security revolving doors prevent tailgating and piggybacking without the need for manned supervision. “The operation and durability of those entrances was quite impressive,” said Kevin Repass, Senior Control Systems Technician. “So, when we were shopping for entrances for the new Corporate Center, Boon Edam was at the top of our list.” Unique Entrance Solution Presently, the Corporate Business Center has a total of five Tourlock security revolving doors as well as three Speedlane 996 optical turnstiles; the latter are used during business hours only. At the main entrance is a large, double door vestibule with swinging doors leading into a supervised lobby. Visitors can enter via the swinging doors to meet hosts, then proceed into the secure area through the Speedlane 996 turnstiles. Employees use their access card to proceed either through the optical turnstiles or an interior Tourlock to access the secure areas beyond the lobby. The main entrance also features a Tourlock next to the exterior swinging doors so that employees can enter the building from the outside after hours using a card reader. At the North and South far ends of the building, which are close to additional employee parking, three Tourlocks handle employees and prevent tailgating and piggybacking at any time of day without supervision. One of the Tourlocks is on the second floor leading to a pedestrian skywalk that enables employees to walk over a busy, four lane road to the parking lot and other buildings on the corporate campus.   “We like the Speedlanes very much,” commented Kirk Jones, Global Security Manager, Americas, “but to use them at all of our entrances would have needed personnel to monitor them. So instead, we added Tourlocks at our perimeter entrances that are card-activated. At our Corporate Business Center, or any Eastman building, you must have authorized card access to enter.” “We also selected full height panels on the Speedlanes,” added Rusty Wallace, Manager, Global Security and Travel Services, “because anything less than a full height entrance would again require personnel monitoring to ensure an effective piggy-backing prevention strategy.” “We have over 900 employees at this location, so we have to address this population’s needs for easy, quick and secure entrances,” added Jones. “In the lobby, the full-height Speedlanes meet our throughput needs without looking intrusive, and they fit nicely with the state-of-the-art business center.” “Having a combination of the two different types of security entrances is really beneficial for us. We’re effectively controlling access at all of our entrances, but also achieving the throughput we need,” explained Wallace. “We are very satisfied customers,” said Repass. “We are preventing piggybacking so that is very successful from the security aspect. And the attractiveness of the Boon Edam entrances means we look like the Fortune 300 company that we are. The Boon Edam entrances are high quality and durable, and very rarely do we need any repairs. If we do, the customer service has been excellent.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Warwick Renaissance with Boon Edam Revolving Door

Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square Boasts Unique, Stylish Lobby Entrance with Revolving Door

Lillington, North Carolina, 16 March, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, PA, is quite satisfied with the functioning and cost savings of their Boon Edam Tournex revolving door. The Tournex is an example of a classic automatic revolving door and is designed to handle high capacity applications. The historic building housing the Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square originally had a manual revolving door flush with the building’s facade. Somewhere along the way, it was decided to remove the relatively smaller gauge revolving door and replace the entrance with a double set of sliding doors. New Entrance Solution to Address Negative Pressure in Lobby “Our HVAC system was designed for a revolving door entrance,” said Ray Hewitt, the hotel’s Director of Engineering, “we wanted to put a revolving door back in to address the negative pressure we were experiencing in the lobby.” That negative pressure was pulling in cold air during the winter months, and cooled, conditioned air was escaping out the double doors in the summer. During a complete lobby renovation project a few years back, designers worked to return to a revolving door lobby entrance. Because the Warwick is in a historic building, they could not change the facade of the building, so they pushed the entire entrance into the lobby itself. The architects and the designer chose a 12’ diameter Boon Edam Tournex automatic revolving door, with three door wings and a highly polished (mirror) stainless steel finish. The Boon Edam door is enclosed in a stylish glass cube, accented with purple neon lighting. Now, those entering the hotel first pass through a double set of sliding doors at the building envelope, leading to the revolving door. Swing doors are also available on either side of the revolving door to enter the lobby itself. The effect of the sliding doors and the revolving door in a cube is to virtually eliminate air flow from outside in, and vice versa. The Warwick has 301 hotel rooms and 106 permanent residents. On any given day, between guests, residents, staff, and visitors, up to 1000 people are passing through the entrance. Since the installation of the new entrance, the effect has been night and day—guest and visitors utilize the lobby space longer and in greater numbers. A big community table is usually filled all day long and the lobby is accented with attractive fireplaces. The hotel lobby also offers two full service food and beverage outlets (Bluestone Lane & Prime Rib Steakhouse), with a third to be announced sometime this year. Energy Savings Pays Off In addition to a now grand sense of arrival and more useable, comfortable space, the new entrance is also paying dividends on energy savings. “With the old entrance, our HVAC was running constantly, it could not keep up. Now, the unit can shut down periodically; that’s good for the health of the system, and we’re seeing substantial savings on energy bills,” said Hewitt. The Boon Edam revolving door has an important feature for installations like a hotel or large office building—in the event of an emergency, the doors stop and the wings can be “book folded” to create wide open ingress and egress. The hotel has a maintenance contract with Advanced Door, but since installation the Boon Edam revolving door has been virtually trouble free. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Barnes Joins Boon Edam

Tom Barnes Now in Charge of Entire Canadian Market

Due to Boon Edam’s fast-paced growth and vision for the future, the company must continuously align resources to meet customer needs in today’s dynamic market. To this end, Boon Edam has changed its sales structure in 2017 to allow sales teams to focus on either Security or Architectural product lines. Tom Barnes has been appointed the new Business Development Manager for the entire Canadian market. Tom and his family make their home right outside of Toronto in Oakville Ontario, and he has been active in Eastern Canada since joining Boon Edam in July of 2016. Barnes has 25+ years in the security industry, working in various positions at companies such as Intercon Security Ltd., Tyco Advanced Integration and G4S Canada. Barnes is responsible for all regional and national security sales and customer relations within Canada. For Architectural Products--Manual and Automatic Revolving Doors—Glen Tracy, National Sales Manager for Architectural Products will be in charge. Barnes, commenting on his promotion to take charge of the entire Canadian market for Security Turnstiles, Gates, Revolving Doors and Security Portals, “Canada is a large, untapped market. We have seen a tremendous uptick in opportunities specific to this market. Key growth areas include the government and financial sectors. We have honed our product offerings for the Canadian market to those products that deal with specific countermeasures that fit within the Canadian culture. These include Tourlock security revolving doors, Circlelock mantrap portals and the amazing Speedlane Lifeline Swing optical turnstile with its beautiful design.” Out of the gate, Barnes plans to concentrate on the Greater Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Alberta markets. 

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Revolving Door at Mt Sinai Hospital in Canada

Mt. Sinai Hospital Calms Wind Tunnel Effect

Lillington, North Carolina, 22 February, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto has achieved success in reducing wind tunnel issues within its high-volume, three entrance public corridor into the hospital’s main entrance. Dor-Control Craftsmen, Ltd. installed the entrances and oversees on-going maintenance needs. Sinai Health System is comprised of Mount Sinai Hospital, Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Health Complex; Bridgepoint Active Healthcare; Circle of Care; the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, and is a full affiliate of the University of Toronto. Toronto is known for its cold and blustery winter months. Prior to February 2016, Mt. Sinai Hospital employees, patients, and visitors often had to endure freezing wind tunnel conditions within a street level entrance corridor linking University and Murray Streets. Wind conditions could be so severe that employees using a smaller, employee-designated swinging entrance at times could not manually open that door. “On the hospital’s main floor,” explained Tony Khouri, Vice President, Facilities and Capital Development, “there is a long corridor between University and Murray Streets. Formerly, we had double sliding doors at each entrance, and because of the high foot traffic we had lots of problems with blasts of cold air running up and down the corridor.” The corridor not only connects the two streets to the main entrance of the hospital, it also has retail and other shops located along it length. The hospital engaged an expert about renovating the entrances, and the consultant recommended installing revolving doors to stop the infiltration of air. In a competitive bid process, Boon Edam revolving doors were selected. Throughput was an issue, “Compared to other hospitals, we have a high number of users for these entrances, averaging 1000 per hour,” said Khouri. Mt. Sinai installed a 16’ diameter, dual-wing Duotour at Murray St., the larger of the two main entrances. This entrance is more accessible for patients arriving or leaving by car, and can accommodate wheel chairs and patients on stretchers. The smaller entrance, University St., is accessed up a flight of stairs and has been fitted with a 12’ diameter, two-wing Duotour. Both entrances also maintain one set of push-button activated sliding doors alongside the revolving doors to conform with the Ontario Disabilities Act and for emergency egress. A third, 8’ diameter, four-wing, BoonAssist TQ manual revolving door is installed at the employee entrance, thereby eliminating the “stuck door” problem when it was a manual swinging door. The Boon Edam Duotour is a high capacity, automatic revolving door. When an entry needs to channel the flow of visitors in high numbers at peak times, or those accompanied by carts, wheelchairs or hospital gurneys, the Duotour two-wing automatic revolving door is often the solution. Due to the relatively large size of its two compartments compared to 3- or 4-wing doors, the Duotour can channel a high capacity of traffic while having a fairly small footprint. “We try to monitor the sliding door use as much as possible, but we still have some gusting issues,” said Khouri. The revolving doors are the best solution, given our space and property limitations, and these entrances have cut our wind tunnel effect by 60-70 per cent. I believe that the revolving doors are the biggest factor in that improvement. The Boon Edam revolving doors are of good quality, they’re superior to regular doors, and they are helping us achieve our entrance and comfort goals.” Dor-Control Craftsmen“Dor-Control Craftsmen’s 50 years of world-class experience in the industry enabled us to partner with Boon Edam to create a solution uniquely tailored to the needs of Mount Sinai Hospital. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to appreciate each unique business challenge and to support our clients with the most efficient solutions for all types of entrances. Our commitment to Mount Sinai Hospital, and to healthcare facilities across the globe, ensures the continuous performance, safety and convenience of its entrances,” commented Michael Manocchio, Sales Manager, Dor-Control Craftsmen Ltd. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E  

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2017 Apr 24

AFPM Security Conference

Location: San Antonio, TX

Venue: Marriott Plaza San Antonio

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2017 May 07

IAPSC Annual Conference

Location: Austin, TX

Venue: Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol

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2017 Jun 07


Location: New York City, NY

Venue: Jacob Javits Convention Center

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