Revolving Door at Mt Sinai Hospital in Canada

Mt. Sinai Hospital Calms Wind Tunnel Effect

Lillington, North Carolina, 22 February, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto has achieved success in reducing wind tunnel issues within its high-volume, three entrance public corridor into the hospital’s main entrance. Dor-Control Craftsmen, Ltd. installed the entrances and oversees on-going maintenance needs. Sinai Health System is comprised of Mount Sinai Hospital, Joseph & Wolf Lebovic Health Complex; Bridgepoint Active Healthcare; Circle of Care; the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, and is a full affiliate of the University of Toronto. Toronto is known for its cold and blustery winter months. Prior to February 2016, Mt. Sinai Hospital employees, patients, and visitors often had to endure freezing wind tunnel conditions within a street level entrance corridor linking University and Murray Streets. Wind conditions could be so severe that employees using a smaller, employee-designated swinging entrance at times could not manually open that door. “On the hospital’s main floor,” explained Tony Khouri, Vice President, Facilities and Capital Development, “there is a long corridor between University and Murray Streets. Formerly, we had double sliding doors at each entrance, and because of the high foot traffic we had lots of problems with blasts of cold air running up and down the corridor.” The corridor not only connects the two streets to the main entrance of the hospital, it also has retail and other shops located along it length. The hospital engaged an expert about renovating the entrances, and the consultant recommended installing revolving doors to stop the infiltration of air. In a competitive bid process, Boon Edam revolving doors were selected. Throughput was an issue, “Compared to other hospitals, we have a high number of users for these entrances, averaging 1000 per hour,” said Khouri. Mt. Sinai installed a 16’ diameter, dual-wing Duotour at Murray St., the larger of the two main entrances. This entrance is more accessible for patients arriving or leaving by car, and can accommodate wheel chairs and patients on stretchers. The smaller entrance, University St., is accessed up a flight of stairs and has been fitted with a 12’ diameter, two-wing Duotour. Both entrances also maintain one set of push-button activated sliding doors alongside the revolving doors to conform with the Ontario Disabilities Act and for emergency egress. A third, 8’ diameter, four-wing, BoonAssist TQ manual revolving door is installed at the employee entrance, thereby eliminating the “stuck door” problem when it was a manual swinging door. The Boon Edam Duotour is a high capacity, automatic revolving door. When an entry needs to channel the flow of visitors in high numbers at peak times, or those accompanied by carts, wheelchairs or hospital gurneys, the Duotour two-wing automatic revolving door is often the solution. Due to the relatively large size of its two compartments compared to 3- or 4-wing doors, the Duotour can channel a high capacity of traffic while having a fairly small footprint. “We try to monitor the sliding door use as much as possible, but we still have some gusting issues,” said Khouri. The revolving doors are the best solution, given our space and property limitations, and these entrances have cut our wind tunnel effect by 60-70 per cent. I believe that the revolving doors are the biggest factor in that improvement. The Boon Edam revolving doors are of good quality, they’re superior to regular doors, and they are helping us achieve our entrance and comfort goals.” Dor-Control Craftsmen“Dor-Control Craftsmen’s 50 years of world-class experience in the industry enabled us to partner with Boon Edam to create a solution uniquely tailored to the needs of Mount Sinai Hospital. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to appreciate each unique business challenge and to support our clients with the most efficient solutions for all types of entrances. Our commitment to Mount Sinai Hospital, and to healthcare facilities across the globe, ensures the continuous performance, safety and convenience of its entrances,” commented Michael Manocchio, Sales Manager, Dor-Control Craftsmen Ltd. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E  

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Revolving Door at Seven Feathers Casino

Seven Feathers Casino Resort Maximizes Comfort and Useable Floor Space with Revolving Door

Lillington, North Carolina, 17 January, 2017 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Seven Feathers Casino Resort, located in Canyonville, Oregon, has installed a Boon Edam BoonAssist TQ revolving door in its new, 2150-square foot, non-smoking Steelhead Lounge. I-5 Design is the design/build firm that completed the project. Seven Feathers Casino Resort, one of the premier resorts in the Pacific Northwest, is among the fastest growing destination resorts in the region. It’s a place where guests experience the thrill of Nevada-style gaming, fabulous food and beverages, live entertainment, a full-service spa, indoor pool, fitness center, world-class RV Resort, and more. “We decided to do away with our poker room on the smoking floor and re-model that space for our non-smoking patrons,” explained Andrew McAuley, Construction Project Manager for Seven Feathers Casino Resort. “We originally looked at a sliding door, but we were concerned about gusting winds and even snow infiltrating the space. A vestibule would have been great, but we just didn’t have the room. Our architect came up with the idea to install a revolving door to minimize the footprint and create that all-important air seal.” McAuley continued, “We had a pair of store-front doors, and we decided on the revolving door after the re-model had started. We were under a time constraint, and we reached out to a number of manufacturers, but only Boon Edam could meet our timeline. Our architect told us that Boon Edam is a global company and they make really great doors.” Seven Feathers installed an 8-foot diameter BoonAssist TQ manual revolving door at the entrance to the lounge from the street. “The door literally goes into the lounge where people are sitting, and now we can keep all of that seating,” said McAuley. “With the door’s power assist feature, our customers don’t have to push as hard and for our elderly guests that’s important.” The Boon Edam revolving door is installed with half the door outside the building and half the door inside the lounge. So, not only does Seven Feathers have more useable, comfortable space, but they saved money not installing a huge awning to protect an entrance constructed entirely outside the building envelope. “The Boon Edam entrance is doing a real nice job for what we wanted to accomplish—the revolving door concept has definitely been successful. It’s aesthetically pleasing and it fits our upscale lounge look and feel. There are several competing casinos in our area, so we have to work hard to delight our customers, while keeping our costs in check,” concluded McAuley. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Boon Edam Expands Product Training

Expanding Product Training with Ambitious 2017 Schedule

Lillington, North Carolina, 30 November, 2016 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that it continues to expand the resources devoted to its growing schedule of training programs. The recently-released 2017 Training Schedule includes all scheduled Factory trainings, Roadshow trainings, and technical workshops at Boon Edam’s Technology and Training Center in Manhattan. Due to popular demand after its inaugural year in 2016, the company has expanded its Roadshow training to six locations in 2017. Those locations are Toronto, Fredericksburg (VA), Seattle, St. Louis, Dallas, and Philadelphia. Roadshow Training courses include one session of Revolving Door Training (TQM, Crystal TQ, Boon Assist TQ, TQA, Tourlock security revolving door), followed by two Lifeline optical turnstile training sessions over two days. Roadshow Trainings bring in-depth education direct to the partner’s region. Each session focuses on the installation, service, maintenance and overall care of manual and automatic revolving doors, including the Tourlock security revolving door. A specially engineered, full-size revolving door with both automatic and manual parts is shipped to each training location where participants work together to assemble the door and experience hands-on training sessions. Lifeline and Tourlock training courses are also offered at Boon Edam’s NYC showroom location. Intensive, 3-day Factory trainings are held four times a year at Boon Edam’s US headquarters in Lillington, NC, where participants have hands-on access to the widest range of Boon Edam products. Zac Ellett, Technical Training Resources Manager, has been the driving force behind the Training Roadshows and the overall expansion of the company’s training programs. Boon Edam technical training sessions are offered at no cost. The only costs attendees incur are travel and hotel for Roadshow and Factory trainings. The company’s Technical Training Program mission is to enable its valued partners to build positive, long term relationships with end user customers and operate more independently through the transfer of technical knowledge and certification. “It’s essential that we provide our partners a wide array of low-cost options for technical training to better equip them to delight their customers,” said Ellett. “The response to our Roadshow training in 2016 was overwhelmingly positive, so we’ve expanded our number of locations and our overall schedule. We are really looking forward to supporting our partners even better in 2017.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Urbanova Standardizes on Boon Edam Turnstiles for All its Lima Buildings

Lillington, North Carolina, 16 November, 2016 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that the real estate company Urbanova has standardized on Boon Edam turnstiles for all its Lima, Peru buildings. The real estate firm’s objective was to have an access control system that eases the control function for security guards with simple, robust equipment and a design consistent with the intended image of its buildings: solidity and modernity. Urbanova is the real estate component company of Breca, a Peruvian corporate conglomerate with an international presence and of more than 100 years. Founded by the Brescia-Cafferata family, Urbanova develops, manages, markets and operates urban projects dedicated to retail and prime office space. Urbanova is currently the leading real estate corporation in Peru, when it comes to the development of prime office buildings. The office buildings developed by Urbanova represent leasable space of 146,000 square meters (1.57 million sq. ft.) distributed over 11 buildings. There are nine prime buildings and two type B buildings. The prime locations are Torre Begonias (with a daily influx of about 2900 visitors), Pardo & Aliaga (3900 visitors), Cromo 332 (1000), Alto Caral (1600), Torre Trazo (900), Torre 1 and Torre 2 (both with 1000 users) and Torre del Arte and Torre del Parque, which will be inaugurated soon. The type B properties are in Plaza del Sol, with 2200 users per day, and El Consorcio with an influx of about 700 users per day. All told, Boon Edam entrances manage more than 15,000 visitors per day. “In our buildings we use Speedlane 300 turnstiles by Boon Edam, which we have been installed and integrated with Honeywell/Johnson Controls access control systems, to manage entry with access cards for our customers and visitors,” explained Giovanni Vitor Soares, Manager of Urbanova’s Office Business. The relationship between Urbanova and Boon Edam began in 2013 with the installation of the first turnstiles at the Torre Begonias office, the most modern in Lima at that time, and the tallest building in the city (26 floors at 394 feet). In buildings built since 2013, the Boon Edam solutions were installed right at the initial construction stage. In the older buildings (three total), existing systems were replaced by Boon Edam entrances. “In all cases we have installed turnstiles, mostly all Speedlane 300 models, and currently Urbanova has 82 such turnstiles in all our projects,” said Soares. Urbanova’s buildings are specially designed for use as first class corporate offices. Their buildings have LEED certifications, and are equipped with control centers monitoring the fire security system, CCTV, access control, and any trespassing in common areas, with surveillance personnel working 24 hours per day. The company was looking for an access control system that was not based on traditional turnstiles, one that would allow every person access to its buildings (customers or visitors) by using an electronic card and requiring them to walk through the turnstiles. Urbanova sought to standardize on a system that would have a physical barrier to block access to unidentified people. To meet this goal, robust, fast performance with a sophisticated design was required; it was also important that the entrances strike a balance between quality and cost, while at the same time providing local technical service. Given the large number of users, it was critical that the turnstiles operate in a highly reliable manner. “The Boon Edam devices totally meet all of the mentioned requirements, therefore we chose them,” explained Giovanni. According to Urbanova, the installation and integration with the access control systems were accomplished with relative ease. “The equipment is operating with a high level of performance and failures are rare,” said Giovanni. “As a result, where we are developing other building projects, we are considering the installation of these turnstiles.” Currently, Urbanova is working on a project which integrates the Boon Edam turnstiles with the visitor control system to allow visitors access via a QR code sent to their mobile phone. Per Soares, Boon Edam’s turnstiles have helped Urbanova reach its expected physical and operative security goals for all its buildings. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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Pensacola Christian College with Boon Edam Turnstiles

Pensacola Christian College Ensures Students Get Meals Quickly Turnstiles

Lillington, North Carolina, 03 November, 2016 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Pensacola Christian College, in northwestern Florida, has installed 12 Boon Edam waist high turnstiles to manage entry into two of its dining halls. Pensacola Christian College (PCC) had turnstiles that were 20 years old and as Amy Glenn, the college’s Chief Communication Officer, put it, “we had exhausted the life out of those units.” PCC was also having real problems getting replacement parts. PCC staff researched various companies offering turnstile entrances and found the visual appearance of each of the products to be similar. “What brought us to Boon Edam,” said Glenn, “was your willingness to work with us.” The College wanted recessed scanners in each entrance and a plexiglass covering for protection. Boon Edam made that happen. Cost was also factor:  Boon Edam turnstiles are made in America, cutting shipping costs and for PCC that made a big difference. Boon Edam turnstiles are installed in both the Four Winds and Varsity dining facilities. The two dining halls serve about 10,000 meals a day, two-thirds of which are served at Four Winds. Meals are served seven days a week.  At Four Winds, there are eight turnstiles, but four units alone can handle 1,000 students in 15 minutes or less at popular times. “We don’t want our students waiting in lines,” explained Glenn. “We could have designed a huge lobby but this size with this throughput is ideal.” At the 1600-capacity Four Winds, all eight turnstiles are used for entering, lobby attendants monitor the exit so no turnstiles are needed. The 900-capacity Varsity has four entry turnstiles. “We use the turnstiles not just for count, but also to determine eligibility,” explained Glenn. “Our request to Boon Edam was to modify the design so students can scan in as they begin entering and a light comes on to show the student is cleared to enter. With our high throughput in such a short time, this reduces possible damage and injury.” How are the entrances functioning? “It’s been night and day right from the beginning compared to our old entrances. Plus, we know we can get parts quickly, and mechanically they have performed super well. Our team has been quite pleased, no complaints at all,” said Glenn.“We live and die by our counts each day. As a large food service operation, the counts are vital in our estimating process for meal needs. Accurate counts save us money by reducing food waste, while still ensuring we meet demand,” Glenn concluded. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E   

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Tom Schneider Engineering Manager at Boon Edam

Boon Edam Hires Physics PhD as Engineering Manager

Lillington, North Carolina, 26 October, 2016 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced the hiring of Tom Schneider as the company’s new Engineering Manager. Tom brings to Boon Edam 22 years of experience in increasingly responsible roles within scientific and technical disciplines at several companies. In his most recent position, Tom managed technical programs for KYMA Technologies. He has also worked in the aerospace and defense industries with companies such as Bennett Aerospace and Laird-Durham (formerly Nextreme Thermal Solutions Inc.). His experience is supported by his Doctorate degree in Physics from North Carolina State University. As the Engineering Manager, Tom is responsible for leading a department of 15 engineers at Boon Edam’s factory in Lillington, NC. Among his many managerial responsibilities, he will lead the team’s effort to research and evaluate product improvement opportunities, in cooperation with sales staff, to better understand customer needs and insights. He will also be working with product development teams in both Lillington and Edam, The Netherlands, to manage and coordinate new product development and existing product enhancements. As Boon Edam continues to expand the range of products manufactured at the NC facility, Tom’s expertise will be in great demand. “Tom’s arrival comes at a crucial time for Boon Edam,” said Mark Borto, President and CEO, Boon Edam Inc. “We’ve had explosive growth in the past few years with our Fortune 100 customers, who often seek some degree of product customization to meet their high-level needs. We are actively investing in top-notch talent across our organization to deliver a premium product and a superior customer experience, with precise global execution. Tom’s credentials are a perfect fit for our trajectory to lead the industry not only in the Americas but worldwide.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie ThomasMarketing ManagerT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Bruce DoneffPublic RelationsT  843 476 3022E 

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2017 Feb 22


Location: National Harbor, MD

Venue: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

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Location: Kissimmee, FL

Venue: Gaylord Palms

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2017 Mar 14

Expo Seguridad

Location: Mexico City, Mexico Venue: Banamex Center Booth #1425

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