• Tournex Automatic Revolving Door as High Capacity Entrance
  • Tournex Classic High Capacity Revolving Door at a Hospital
  • High Capacity Tournex Revolving Doors in Building Lobby
  • Stainless Steel Tournex Automatic Revolving Door
  • Customized Tournex Revolving Doors at Casino Entrance
  • Classic Tournex Automatic Revolving Door at Entrance
  • Close-Up of Door Wings on a Tournex High Capacity Door
  • High Traffic Through a Tournex Automatic Revolving Door
  • Tournex High Capacity Revolving Door at Hospital Entrance
  • Guests Walking Through a Tournex Classic High Capacity Revolving Door
  • Branded Tournex Revolving Door at Grocery Store Entrance
  • Customized Tournex Revolving Door at a Large Retailer
  • Muntz Metal on a Tournex High Capacity Revolving Door at a Resort Entrance
  • Large Tournex Automatic Revolving Door at Hotel Entrance
  • Beautiful Entrance - Tournex Automatic Revolving Door



A Classic High Capacity Revolving Door

The Tournex is an example of a classic revolving door. It has many of the same advantages and the same versatility as the TQ, but can handle higher capacity applications such as healthcare facilities, universities and airport terminals. Like the TQ the Tournex is available with three or four door wings and in a variety of different finishes and colors. And with its proven technology, the Tournex too is often used as the basis for stunning special design projects.

The Tournex can optionally be equipped with a showcase with either straight or concave panels in the center of the revolving door. Large automatic entrances like the Tournex, Duotour or Twintour in particular often function as a moment of rest between the busy public space outside and the more private atmosphere inside a building. A showcase like the one on the Tournex allows you to use that moment to ease the visitor into your world through your branding and philosophy, or you can use the showcase as a marketing space, putting consumers into the right mind set.

Security options are also available for an added layer of protection.

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