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Upgrade Your Existing Solution

For any modifications you might require on your existing entrance, please contact us. We offer tailormade solutions for entrance modifications, ranging from refurbishment of old equipment to full safety, environmental or security upgrades of existing entrances.

StereoVision® Anti-Piggybacking Detection

For our customers that have existing Tourlock 180+90 security revolving doors or Circlelock portals with StereoVision, Boon Edam has released its second generation of anti-piggybacking technology: StereoVision 2. This solution uses a new combination of near-infrared and optical technologies to accurately detect piggybacking, even in challenging lighting/environmental conditions.

Boon Edam offers the following types of StereoVision 2® upgrade:

   • Non-StereoVision Tourlock 180+90 upgrade to StereoVision 2®
   • Tourlock or Circlelock doors with StereoVision 1® upgrade to StereoVision 2®

Drive and Control

Boon Edam offers the following options for older drive and control units:

   • Repair
   • Refurbish
   • Replace


Boon Edam utilizes top of the line safety and security sensors for our products. Boon Edam offers the following sensor maintenance options:

   • Replace
   • Update
   • Enhance

Please call us for all of your upgrade needs:

• Nationwide: 1 800 334 5552
NYC: 917 768 6700

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