Speedlane 996


Maximum Security Optical Barriers

The Speedlane 996 optical turnstile offers the ultimate in tailgating detection with its high-density array of sensors, ensuring a negligible false alarm rate even in the busiest of lobbies. Select from a variety of finishes and barrier heights and styles ranging from waist high to full height sliding glass as well as drop arm and angel wing barriers.

High Density-Beam Detection Matrix

The high density-beam matrix of Speedlane 996 optical turnstiles offer ¼" tailgate detection and a negligible false alarm rate. The matrix collects data about what is passing between the cabinets, processes the information and makes active decisions about whether or not to generate an alarm. The matrix detection system offers superior tailgate detection because of the unique combination of perpendicular and horizontal beams. Because so much data is available, our Speedlane 996 security turnstiles can discern a bag or suitcase from a second person and ignore swinging arms and umbrellas. In short, detection matrix provides better security and a much lower false alarm rate than other optical security turnstiles.

Three Models

Speedlane 996 - oval cabinet, available in standard, tall or wide
Speedlane 996N - narrow cabinet, available in standard, tall or angel-wing barriers
Speedlane 996DA - drop arm

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