Technical Support


Reliable Support When You Need It

Our trained and dedicated technical support team is available to ensure customers get fast and accurate resolutions to all of their technical questions and parts requests.

Phone Support

Boon Edam offers phone support for troubleshooting and installing products. Our technicians have several years of factory training and field experience to provide prompt solutions "on the go."

*Boon Edam is proud of its 96% same-day response rate.

Please call us with any questions and ask for "Technical Support":

• Nationwide: 1 800 334 5552
NYC: 917 768 6700

You can also reach our technical services department via email at

Parts Support

When you order parts you order them directly from our plant in Lillington, NC. We keep most of our parts in stock and can ship them to you with just a phone call.

• Readily available parts
• 95% same-day response rate
• Same day shipping on most items

To request parts, please call 1 800 334 5552 or email


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Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

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