Providing an Unmatched Level of Preparedness

Our flexible and comprehensive technical training program is designed around our customer’s needs, and has been proven to maximize preliminary coordination, minimize installation time and improve customer satisfaction with timely service and maintenance. We can provide a seamless experience guaranteed to virtually eliminate cost overruns and grow the bottom line.

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Technical Webinars
Boon Edam offers two types of technical webinars:

  • General Webinars are pre-scheduled each month focusing on a specific product
  • Custom Webinars scheduled at your convenience on a product of your choice

Both interactive webinars are conducted over the Web and consist of a product presentation running anywhere from 90 to 150 minutes.

Factory Training
Boon Edam offers two types of factory training at our office in Lillington, NC:

  • General Factory Training two times per year (prescheduled dates – usually spring and fall)
  • Custom Factory Training on specific products of your choice

Both factory trainings combine classroom style and hands-on training.

"Thanks for a very enjoyable week. You were able to take the complicated drives and controls and make them simple for us guys who don't work with them every day. I came away from this training seminar confident I will be able to repair most things thrown in my direction. Keep up the good work." -Dallas Mountjoy with Rhinotek Solutions

Field Training
Ideal for distributors installing a product for the first time. Boon Edam, Inc. will send a Factory Trained representative to your office to go through the products of your choice, as well as review product documentation (i.e. mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, installation manuals, operating manuals, etc.) and answer unlimited questions.

Training Roadshow

Training Roadshow
NEW! We're bringing our factory trainings straight to our distributors! We're traveling the United States with a custom door to give our customers hands-on exposure to our revolving and security doors. Click here to see the 2017 dates and locations.

For more information on our training program, contact Zac Ellett, Technical Training Manager, at 910 814 8131 or


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Service & Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

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Zac Ellet Boon Edam Trainer

Technical Training Manager

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