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Earn 1 HSW CEU  - Ask Boon Edam to Conduct a Lunch & Learn!

We can offer a virtual or live lunch and learn presentation when it's convenient for you! Each 1-hour presentation is followed by a short question and answer period. Boon Edam offers 2 HSW courses:

"Revolving Door Essentials: Sustainability, Comfort and Safety"

Learn all aspects of revolving doors including energy savings, design, capacity, safety, building codes and how to specify. Participants in this presentation will learn how to:

  1. Describe How Revolving Doors Save Energy and Reduce Air & Pollution Infiltration
  2. List Key Elements of Revolving Door Design
  3. List Key Elements of Capacity and their Influence on User Comfort
  4. Describe the Features of Revolving Doors that Ensure User Safety
  5. Describe Code Requirements for User Safety
  6. Properly Specify Revolving Doors

"Closing the Gap in Physical Security: Addressing the Entry"

Discover the key challenges that are faced by the Security Manager in securing the premises from unauthorized intrusion via the entry. Security entrances play a role in creating a first line of defense, but they are only part of an overall solution that involves People, Process and Technology. Each type of security entrance has a different capability in terms of addressing tailgating – understanding their capabilities up front ensures that the right selection of the security entrance is made in advance, avoiding costly mistakes or worse, a catastrophic breach. From a completely unbiased perspective, you will learn:

  1. The purpose of security at the entry
  2. How security entrances fit into a physical security strategy
  3. Integration options that are available today
  4. Selection criteria: security level, safety, codes and ADA
  5. Pandemics and their impact on entrance security

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