Coronavirus Crisis Management – Boon Edam Takes Health and Safety Seriously

Lillington, NC, April 2020 – Boon Edam is continuing to successfully follow local government compliances, guidelines and all measures to ensure the welfare of all our staff. The safety of our employees, customers and partners has been given the utmost priority - especially during this Global COVID-19 crisis, as we respond together to help slow the spread of this virus.

Our management team is currently in contact with local authorities and experts such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure they are kept up-to-date with information, laws and advice. The same is true for all 22 subsidiaries around the world who are doing the same according to their local guidelines and legislations.

Every Department is Operational

Boon Edam has taken strong measures across all departments to ensure the safety of our employees and the continual support, production and delivery to all of our customers. While we certainly cannot claim to be ‘business-as-usual’, we believe we have found a responsible balance to both above priorities as an organization.

Employee Protection Policies

Office-based Staff

Boon Edam responded quickly to the Coronavirus crisis situation by implementing a ban on all inter-company travel as well as increasing routine cleaning, hygiene and sanitizing practices and education. Today almost all our office-based employees are successfully working from home, thanks to modern and mobile technology. Teams are conducting regular video meetings, and everyone is helping each other to the best of their abilities. The Board of Directors at our global headquarters are in regular contact with the whole organization regarding clear updates to policies and procedures, and questions and concerns are being handled swiftly.

Field-based Sales Staff (Account Managers)

Our regional sales managers are available as always, but via digital channels only. We want to make sure our customers still receive the premium service they have come to know us for, so our sales forces are still accessible through the normal channels of phone, email or online meetings. Our global sales force has the most up-to-date technology and have all received training on how to use the tools and technology to ensure safe and seamless remote working and collaborating.

Sales and support staff continue to work from home during normal business hours.

Customer Support

Despite our organization respecting the social distancing regulation and their positive impact, our customers are still able to contact customer support on their usual phone numbers or email addresses. Even though our customer support teams are working from home, they still adhere to normal working hours and can be reached anytime during this period. Should you require a technician to be urgently deployed, you will receive support and more information on our regulations in this area (see later ‘Service, Maintenance and Installations’).


We are pleased to inform you that all of our production facilities (the Netherlands, America and China) are still up-and-running. We are committed to ensuring that our production obligations and terms of agreements are met and that deliveries continue to take place. Therefore, we have taken serious steps to ensure our factories and employees working there are kept safe to be able to follow out their important daily work. Numerous measures have been put into place to reduce the risk of infections in the areas of production, distribution and warehousing. Workstations have been setup to comply with strict hygiene regulations and work at them is being carried out according to local government and organizations.

All factory staff wear fresh face masks and gloves during assembly and wash hands thoroughly before and after breaks.

Supply Chain

Virtually all manufacturers around the globe are experiencing noticeable impact in this area from the Coronavirus pandemic and Boon Edam is not exempt from this. Up until now we have been able to solve any issues in our supply chain adequately and as a result no disruptions have occurred. We have been monitoring key suppliers and their supply chain on a daily basis and are hopeful that possible disruptions will be avoided completely in the future. Our supply chain is currently under good control.

Service, Maintenance and Installations

Our field technicians are doing all possible to comply with local health and safety regulations. Our planners are planning projects from home and the teams are going out in individual vehicles to ensure limited risk of infections. We are in close contact with all our sites to ensure they are compliant and that safety precautions are being taken. The wellbeing of our field technicians is a priority for us. The planners place the same teams together and all equipment and hands are being regularly cleaned and sanitized. We understand that safe, secure and operational entrances are vital in these uncertain times – and we are so pleased to be able to continue to offer our customers this on-site service.

Field staff continue to travel by vehicle, wear PPE’s and distance themselves as much as possible during installation or maintenance calls.

Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your regional contact if you have any further questions or concerns. We will continue to work together to help each other as a united, global organization. #StayHome

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