HIS Forum: Rescheduled - TBD

Date: 05/05/2020 - 05/08/2020

Location: Sheraton Georgetown | Austin, TX

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Boon Edam Exhibits at Honeywell's HIS Forum 2020

Come Meet the Proven Market Leader

According to IHS Markit™, a global information provider, Boon Edam is the market leader for "Pedestrian Entance Control Equipment" in the Americas and has been for the last decade. Why? We believe our success is due to: increased demand for tailgating mitigation solutions; innovative product design; fast and reliable service; and our family of dependable and responsive people. Our customers call this: "The Boon Edam Experience!"

Not All Security Entrances are Equal

When it comes to physical security entrances, there are some different options available to choose from - high security portals, security revolving doors, optical turnstiles, full height and tripod turnstiles. These options vary greatly in their capabilities and can confuse security managers looking to secure their facilities from risk. To assist professionals in selecting the right entrance solution, we have categorized security entrances by their level of security, as it relates to tailgating mitigation. Is the goal: tailgating deterrence (low security), detection (medium security) or complete prevention (high security)?

We also recongize that a company may have more than one tailgating mitigation goal within the same building, as security is best when done in layers. Different entrance solutions apply to different layers within a building. Welcome to the word of Scalable Security by Boon Edam.

Introducing a New Turnstile Solution: The Speedlane Compact

The newest addition to the Boon Edam premium range of optical turnstiles solves the issue of introducing security and safety into small and valuable areas of real estate spaces. The Speedlane Compact delivers all you fundamentally need in a security lane; while confidently delivering all that is required to make your visitors feel welcome and secure – every day. Whatever your space.

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