Mantrap Security Doors

When it comes to protecting sensitive data, staff and visitors, and complying with industry regulations, mantrap security doors, or security portals, are the most reliable entry solution on the market. These unique entrances are ideal for controlling access at data centers, jewelry stores, banks and corporate office buildings.

What is a Mantrap Security Solution?

By definition, a mantrap portal is a set of two interlocking doors where the first set of doors opens before the second set, causing the user to be “trapped” inside temporarily. The user must provide valid authorization to pass through the first set of doors into the mantrap, and may be required to provide secondary authorization credentials, often via biometrics, to pass through the second set of doors into the secure area.

A Circlelock Man Trap Door Allows Only One Person into a Secure Area at a Time

Highest Level of Security Compliance for an Entry

Mantrap security doors receive an A+ grade when it comes to regulatory compliance. There a variety of security entrances on the market – what makes the mantrap so much better? Here are 3 reasons:

  • Prevent tailgating and piggybacking every time
  • Support the “intent” of multi-factor authentication
  • Provide metrics to predict risk of infiltration

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Circlelock Mantrap Portals Ensure Only One Person and the Right Person Enter a Facility

Man Trap Door Models

Boon Edam’s man trap security doors are built for reliability and safety, and are compatible with any access control system. Several sizes of mantrap are available, including portals large enough to accommodate wheelchairs or delivery carts. Depending on the model, options are available for enhanced security such as: bullet-resistant glass, two-way StereoVision for piggybacking detection, surface and recessed mounting, and a variety of architectural finishes.

The Circlelock Mantrap Security Portal Does Not Require Manned Supervision

Circlelock Mantrap Portal

When it is critical that only one person enters, and the right person, the Circlelock mantrap door is the only security entrance that will do the job. This portal solution does not require manned supervision and can offer a payback in just a few years.

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The Circlelock Combi Half Mantrap Security Door is a Space-Saving Retrofit Solution

Circlelock Combi Half-Door

This half mantrap security door is a space- and money-saving retrofit solution for verticals looking to prevent unauthorized access. The Combi attaches directly to an existing swing door, reducing liability and increasing security.

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The TAP Cylindrical Portals Offer Unique Features

TAP Cylindrical Portals

These single entry mantrap security doors offer unique features, such as metal detection, for special applications.

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Are "Do-It-Yourself" Mantrap Vestibules a Secure Entry Solution?

Some organizations try to build their own mantrap vestibules because they don't know an alternative solution already exists. Click the button below to download a free flyer that compares DIY vestibules with portal solutions.

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