The safety and security of students and staff is the highest priority for colleges and universities across the nation.

Challenges Facing Campus Security Professionals

Today's universities face many challenges related to facility operations and security. College campuses are located in urban and remote locations and are generally open to the public, especially in common areas.  At least 25% of the student population changes every fall as new freshman come on board. This requires a recurring orientation program that teaches students about campus navigation, safe conduct, and how they can personally help save energy - be good, overall stewards of their campus.

Campus security is responsible for ensuring the safety of faculty and staff who are both in close quarters, like residence halls and classrooms, as well as spread out among large areas, like athletic stadiums and quads. Every physical building on a campus has high-value assets and differing layouts.

The Right Solution for Each Unique Building

Campus security uses a number of entry solutions, such as revolving doors that not only save energy but also secure entrances to protect people and property. Optical turnstiles are often placed within the entrance of libraries, residence halls, recreational facilities, dining halls, etc. to carefully and securely control traffic flow. Sports stadiums use full height and waist height turnstiles to control access through specific entrances and exits.

Your Advisor for Effective Campus Security

At Boon Edam, we offer a complete product range and can advise you on the best solutions for every location on your campus. We understand that student turnover requires different solutions that are easier to use every day and we can work with you determine the best possible solution to meet the desired security level and/or capacity needs.

Valuable Case Studies

Download our compilation of five higher education case studies to discover what challenges led universities to look for a better physical security plan, how entrances came into the picture, and what benefits were achieved as a result of deployment


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