Corporate Headquarters

Corporate headquarters require a variety of solutions at their entrances and exits to ensure that the only people entering the building are those who are supposed to be there. Security of leased properties, single-firm buildings, and company campuses can all benefit from security entrances to help keep employees safe and properly accounted for.

Physical Security at Standalone Buildings

When your business inhabits an entire building, security at the entrance is of paramount importance. Security entrances such as turnstiles help to control crowds at peak traffic times and can be configured with access control to require credentials to be presented and authorized. Security entrances can be supplemented with a guard for added oversight and to prevent passback of credentials. Installing security entrances can help protect employees working within the facility from volatile situations and potentially limit impact to the lobby, where authorities can more readily respond and deal with any problems or threats.

Secondary Layer of Security at Rented Floors

Businesses that rent their workspace from larger buildings have the added benefit of lobby security to assist them, and can use the entrance to their floor or floors as a secondary layer of security. Full-height security entrances in place at the entrance to the workspace help to prevent persons with access to the main floor from simply walking into another, and help to ensure that any possible security risks are kept outside, protecting employees working on that floor.

Standardizing Security at Locations Across a Corporate Campus

An organization with a campus facility can benefit from a standardized access control solution across their campus, ensuring that their security protocols are repeatable, scalable and integrated. A full-height security entrance or mantrap in place at all entrances throughout the facility can be configured to allow or prohibit individualized access to each building, floor or room. This is essential for areas such as those with hazardous equipment, enabling higher security without requiring separate security protocols that can be complex and costly to implement.

To learn more about how to secure every entry point at a corporate campus, download our interactive infographic by clicking the image below.

Boon Edam Security Entrances at Every Entrance on a Corporate Campus

Biometric Integration for Reduction of HR Issues

Security entrances can help to provide an extra layer of safety for employees and visitors, while making it simple for them to access their place of work. Integration with biometric technology such as fingerprint or iris recognition ensures that credentials match the individual entering the building, and use of higher-security entrances such as portals eliminates tailgating. This helps to prevent a wide range of problems, from disgruntled former employees entering the building to estranged spouses endangering employees, along with many other threats.

Valuable Case Studies

Download a compilation of corporate headquarter case studies to discover why organizations turned to security entrances and what benefits were achieved as a result of their deployment.

Protecting Business Interests

Installing security entrances throughout your corporate headquarters makes it easier to create a seamless access control solution that scales with your business growth – whether you occupy a standalone building, a single floor, or a full campus.

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