Hotels and Restaurants

The Road to Hospitality

For many travelers seeing the entry to their hotel is a relief; they have finally arrived at their destination after a long day traveling. They can finally relax and enjoy themselves on their vacation with family. Business travelers can finally have that moment of peace and quiet to prepare for their meetings or just have some time in which they don’t have to be the professional businessman or –woman and can just be themselves. Similarly arriving at a restaurant means that you can have that lovely meal you were looking forward to, fill an empty stomach and enjoy an evening with friends or family. In business the entry to a restaurant often signifies the conclusion of a successful business deal.


Entrance Design

The door in the entrance to a hotel or restaurant plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable climate in the entry or lobby. With visitors entering and leaving the hotel all day long, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside is challenging as every time a traditional sliding or swinging door opens, the conditioned inside air is let out, causing unpleasant drafts. The always open, always closed principle of a revolving door can help prevent these drafts as well as help keep out noise and dust to ensure nothing detracts from the atmosphere that you are creating in your lobby.

The look and feel of the entrance are equally important in achieving the goals of the hotel or restaurant entry or lobby.  An entry’s design should reflect the brand and strategy of the hotel or restaurant and tell the visitor what they can expect: a vintage door for the historic hotel, a modern and trendy look for a design hotel and a comfortable and peaceful feel for a boutique hotel.

Over a century ago, in 1908, we installed our first revolving door in a hotel, since then Boon Edam solutions have helped shape the entry to hundreds of hotels and restaurants, including the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Macau, Hong Kong, the Bonefish Grill restaurant in Las Vegas, USA and the new Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

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