Factories, refineries, shipping distribution centers and other industrial applications don’t have quite the exposure to the public that many other organizations do, but security still has a primary responsibility to protect employees, visitors and assets, and to control access.

Security Risks at Manufacturing Facilities

In addition to protecting employees, visitors and assets, there may be a need to prevent theft of merchandise by employees. There has also been an increase in recent years of bomb threats, the need for controlling access to third-party vendors, and a desire to secure information and intellectual property using both physical and IT security. In addition, manufacturing facilities often have high employee turnover with seasonal workers, and employ workers from a variety of cultures who speak a variety of languages.

Determining the Right Security Entrances for Your Entire Building

The location of the security checkpoint, the throughput required and the level of supervision available will influence which type of physical security solution is recommended. At the perimeter or fenceline, durable and long-lasting full height turnstiles are ideal for controlling access, even in the most harsh and rugged outdoor environments. At a main entrance lobby, optical turnstiles with glass barriers add prestige, and can effectively detect tailgating with minimal inconvenience to users and without forming an obtrusive barrier. Once inside the facility, security revolving doors or optical turnstiles can provide accountability for a large space in a facility with 100 or 10,000+ employees. On a work floor that may contain valuable inventory or parcels, turnstiles adjacent to metal detection devices can help prevent theft.  

A Unique Solution for Distribution Center Security

A Fortune 500 logistics company deployed a unique entry solution to accurately control and monitor who is in the building, when they are in the building, and what they have on their person at all times. Here’s a look at a few layers of entry security they deployed:

  1. Perimeter: for security along the fenceline perimeter of the building, a full height turnstile allows access to the building
  2. Initial Entry, Divestment and Screening: as employees enter, they divest their personal belongings into lockers, and proceed through a metal detector attached to a full height turnstile. The area is manned in case of non-compliance.
  3. Tracking Breaks and Lunches: when employees take a break or lunch, they enter through a waist-high, tripod turnstile. This allows management to collect data on who is on the floor and off the floor, and for how long.
  4. End-of-Shift Theft Deterrence: to ensure that no one has taken anything off of the work flow, employees approach an array of two waist-high turnstiles: one turnstile leads to an exit, and the other to a search/pat down area with a guard. The employee presses a randomizing button: a green light means exit and a red light means additional screening is necessary.

In a manufacturing facility, effective security is about controlled access. Altogether, turnstiles, revolving security doors, access gates and revolving doors can significantly improve the security level and protection of people, property and assets 24/7.

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