Public Transportation

Public transportation in the United States is a crucial part of many American’s commute to work, daily transportation, travel to visit family and friends, and more. According to the American Public Transportation Association, Americans board public transportation 35 million times each weekday, about 2 million Americans will travel on an airplane each year, and overall, nearly 11 billion trips are taken on public transportation every year.

Ensuring the Safety of Travelers Through Entrances

Securing mass transportation, including subways, railways, commuter trains and airplanes, presents many challenges, including a large number of people, a constantly changing population of passengers, and hundreds of entry and exit points. Mass transit agencies require rugged and durable barrier solutions that can handle those challenges, while requiring minimal maintenance. In many cases, the right solution is waist-high tripod turnstiles or full height turnstiles and gates that are constructed of steel. Agencies wanting a more aesthetically pleasing solution can implement optical turnstiles with a glass sliding panel or other resilient material.

Boon Edam is proud to provide the Chicago, New York Metropolitan, and Toronto Transit Authorities with our durable, high throughput tripod and full height turnstiles.

Valuable Case Studies

Read about public transportation locations who have utilized security entrances to control the flow of users.

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