Amusement parks exist to create a positive atmosphere for customers looking for a get-away to have fun and enjoy time with friends and family. Each year, millions of visitors enter amusement park gates, looking to experience the best roller coasters, family rides, water slides, concerts, and more.

Largest Security Challenge: Managing Big Crowds

Security teams at recreation facilities and amusement parks must deal with large crowds, hot temperatures, and, potentially, criminals who increasingly target densely populated areas where an attack can have the greatest impact. Security personnel must remain constantly vigilant for physical security threats to guests, staff, and facilities.

Entry and Exit Security Solutions for Controlling Acess

Key to creating a secure amusement park is using an entrance and exit security solution to cope with high visitor flow while controlling access for different staff profiles. Tripod turnstiles and full-height turnstiles can act as a deterrent to unauthorized entrance while effectively controlling crowds in a large or small space. With minimal training, security officers or other amusement park staff can oversee the functioning of the turnstiles. The space efficient turnstiles are built with reliable mechanisms and can be customized to fit the look and feel of the facility.

Proven Track Record

We have assisted a number of facilities in managing crowds, particularly in the recreation and amusement park industry. Click on a link below to read more:

Boon Edam has a diverse turnstile product line that can help a security team to create a safe and secure environment and a comfortable way for families to enjoy their experience at amusement parks.

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