Boon Edam and Guidepost Solutions Offer Webinar on Post-COVID Secure Lobbies

Boon Edam and Guidepost Solutions Webinar Discusses How Lobby Design Will Change Post COVID-19

Lillington, North Carolina, July 22nd, 2020 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced the release of a recorded webinar, “The New Lobby Experience: Creating Safer Entrances for All People,” co-hosted with Guidepost Solutions, LLC, a global firm offering security and technology consulting solutions. A panel of experts discuss the impact of COVID-19 and pandemics, for the near and long term, on lobby design, the challenges of maintaining security amid new requirements for social distancing and creating a touchless experience inside and around facilities.

Reinforcing the Need for Design to Address the Risk of Unauthorized Entry

The webinar begins with a topic that has been of importance even before the spread of COVID-19: controlling access at the entry. Tailgating at swinging doors is one of the most common physical security breaches, and it can have devastating consequences. JC Powell and Robert Helena from Boon Edam touch on the results of a recent survey around the perceptions of security professionals on the impacts of tailgating before discussing how different security entrance solutions are used to deter, detect, or prevent tailgating incidents.

Design Considerations & Technology Solutions for the New Lobby

Next, Nick Miller from Guidepost Solutions discusses elements of design that must be considered in the “new lobby.” These include building population assessments, creating separate entry points by role (employees, visitors, vendors and package deliveries), and supporting and reinforcing distancing through the use of queuing space, furniture layout and other elements.

The webinar continues with a conversation between Boon Edam and Guidepost Solutions around new and existing technologies, and how they fit into the new lobby design. Some examples include:

  • Entrance configurations: Arranging and adjustment of optical turnstiles to maintain social distancing
  • Temperature screening: How does the technology integrate with entrance solutions and how are “positives” processed?
  • Touchless entry technologies: Hands-free, automatic security entrances, automated elevator dispatch systems and contactless biometric devices

Entry Evaluations for End Users Looking to Secure Access Points

The webinar concludes with details surrounding on-site and virtual entry evaluations. These evaluations help security professionals identify unsecure entry points around a building or campus and the potential solutions available depending on the organization’s security strategy around tailgating. The evaluation also covers compliance considerations and integration with existing security systems.

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