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Boon Edam Inc. announces the launch of BoonAssist TQ, a new manual revolving door that provides an ease of use previously not available in manual revolving doors. BoonAssist TQ offers the unique combination of three features: “push and go” power assistance, speed control, and positioning, also known in the industry as quarterpointing.

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The new door was developed in response to customers asking for a revolving door that offers comfort, intuitive operation and safety, where an automatic revolving door was either too large or exceeded budget. BoonAssist TQ is also designed to serve a wider variety of applications owing to its increased available sizes, up to 10’ diameter and 10’ ceiling height, which provide a roomy compartment and increased user comfort. 

The BoonAssist TQ Difference

Power Assistance – When a user pushes on a door wing, a low energy motor activates and, borrowing the kinetic energy from the user’s initial push, rotates the door to minimize further needed effort. 
Speed Control – When a door wing is pushed with excessive force, an integrated braking mechanism engages to ensure rotation speed remains within industry standards for safe passage.
Positioning – After a user exits the door, it continues to rotate until it reaches “home position,” which is with its door wings pointed at each side of the throat opening. Positioning makes it easier for the next user and it also reduces air infiltration as much as possible.

Two Styles

BoonAssist TQ is available in two styles to complement all types of building facades and branding requirements:
BoonAssist TQM – Metal-framed construction with metal canopy, available in a variety of metal finishes, cladding or custom painted colors.
BoonAssist Crystal – All glass construction with stainless steel fastening components that can be finished in other metals or custom painted colors.

“The potential is unlimited in terms of the types of buildings and vertical markets that can benefit from this door,” said Greg Schreiber, Boon Edam Vice President of Sales. “The power assist feature allows it to be bigger, up to 10 feet in diameter. This means office buildings, smaller hotel chains, specialty retail stores, restaurants and even the larger convenience stores can offer greater passage comfort and use every single square foot of their valuable space because this door keeps the outside drafts out. They are also providing their customers and employees with the easiest, safest manual revolving door available. We’re calling BoonAssist TQ ‘the new standard’ because we believe soon everyone will expect these features—they’re not going to settle for less.” 

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