Boon Edam Exhibits at GSX 2018

Boon Edam is All About Tailgating Prevention at GSX 2018

Lillington, N.C. – Sep. 12, 2018 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced they are emphasizing the theme of tailgating in booth #1715 at the GSX (formerly ASIS) exhibition in Las Vegas, NV from September 25-27. GSX is an annual event that brings together 22,000 participants from across the security profession for a week of networking, educational opportunities and discovering the latest security solutions. Boon Edam is also the official turnstile sponsor of the show. Tailgating Mitigation through Integrated Technologies Access technologies are critical for granting or denying entry to secure areas within a building. However, these solutions are only effective at mitigating tailgating when coupled with security entrances. This complete solution ensures only one person enters per valid authorization. The following solutions will be on display in Boon Edam’s booth: Tourlock 180+90: The industry’s best-selling security revolving door will feature an AMAG Symmetry card reader to demonstrate access control integration paired with the door’s uniquely high, bi-directional throughput and its ability to prevent tailgating and piggybacking without manned supervision. Circlelock: Offering the highest level of security available in an entrance, the Circlelock security portal prevents intrusion into the most sensitive areas such as data centers. The portal will be configured to demonstrate two-factor authentication: an AMAG Symmetry card reader on the outside of the portal conducts the initial authorization, followed by an iris scanning technology inside the portal from Iris ID called the iCAM7S Series reader, to confirm identity. Circlelock Combi: This half-portal solution is the newest entry from Boon Edam. The Combi transforms an existing swinging door into a high security mantrap entrance that prevents piggybacking. It also enables organizations to save on both space and renovation costs. In the booth, the half portal will demonstrate a two-factor authentication scenario: initial authentication using an AMAG Symmetry card reader to enter the portal, followed by facial scanning technology from StoneLock Pro® to open the second door. Lifeline Speedlane Swing: The industry’s slimmest optical turnstile will feature a custom, integrated pedestal that incorporates the MorphoWave™ touchless fingerprint technology from IDEMIA. This solution enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification, all in a stylish, cohesive design. New! Lifeline Boost: A brand new, stylish access control pedestal designed by Boon Edam to perfectly complement the popular Lifeline optical turnstile series. The Boost is suitable for the integration of a variety of access control systems, ranging from card readers and barcode scanners to various biometric devices. BoonConnect: An IP-addressable, proprietary software system providing diagnostic and configuration tools for the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portal. Users can remotely access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via a secured corporate network. Tailgating Prize Giveaway We’re celebrating our position as the market leader for security entrances, according to a recent report by IHS Markit®, with a tailgating-themed prize giveaway. All visitors to GSX are invited to participate by visiting booth #1715 during show hours. Participants have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes that will help them make the most of the upcoming tailgating season: the Big Green Egg® grill, a YETI® cooler, StubHub™ tickets and much more. Winners will be selected at random after the exhibition, and an announcement will be made to all participants via email on October 5. For more information, visit our website at  For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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RagingWire Data Centers Use Boon Edam Tourlock 180 Security Revolving Doors

RagingWire Enhances Data Center Solutions Using Security Revolving Doors

Ashburn, V.A. – Aug. 22, 2018 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that RagingWire Data Centers has installed Boon Edam’s Tourlock 180+90 security revolving doors as part of its integrated access systems that protect their data centers in Ashburn, Va. and Sacramento, Calif. Founded in 2000, RagingWire was one of the first companies that helped to build the multi-billion dollar global data center colocation industry. Now, RagingWire is the North American data center platform within the portfolio of NTT Communications, which operates 140 data centers in 20 countries worldwide, making RagingWire one of the largest and most financially solid data center companies in the world. Security Doors as Part of Multi-Layer Security System RagingWire uses Tourlock security revolving doors at its Ashburn VA3 Data Center, which features 245,000 square feet of space and 16 megawatts of critical power, and its Sacramento CA3 Data Center, which is a 180,000 square foot facility with 14 megawatts of critical power. VA3 and CA3 are part of RagingWire’s portfolio of data centers in Ashburn, Northern California and Dallas, Texas. “As the colocation data center of choice for some of the most demanding hyperscale cloud and enterprise companies, RagingWire is recognized as an industry leader in data center security and overall customer experience,” said Mark Borto, CEO of Boon Edam Inc. “We are proud to provide an important part of RagingWire’s sophisticated, multi-layer, integrated security system.” Tailgating Prevention with High Efficiency Boon Edam’s security revolving doors provide efficient passage for hundreds of people daily at RagingWire’s data centers. The doors prevent piggybacking and tailgating during both entry and exit by using a combination of sensors to recognize shapes, size and volume in three dimensions, and then stopping the door when a violation occurs. The state-of-the-art system also generates an accurate picture of exactly who is in the building at all times. “Our customers expect our security entrances and anti-tailgating technologies to be extremely fast and accurate,” said Eddie Ankers, Director of Corporate Security at RagingWire. “By adding these doors to our defense-in-depth security strategy, we are providing the best possible protection system for our customers’ mission critical equipment.” In addition to Boon Edam’s Tourlock security revolving doors, RagingWire’s layered security approach features highly trained, 24x7 security staff, biometric scanners, badge readers, intelligent high-definition video cameras that analyze suspicious behavior, anti-tailgate mantraps, a building-within-a-building design, anti-climb perimeter fencing, concrete bollards in front of building entryways, and an anti-ram security gate.For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comJames Leach, RagingWire Data CentersVice President of MarketingT 703 840 7721E   For Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E schaput@lrgmarketing.comAbout RagingWire Data CentersRagingWire Data Centers designs, builds, and operates mission critical data centers that deliver 100% availability, high-density power, flexible configurations, carrier neutral connectivity, and superior customer service. The company has 113 megawatts of critical IT power spread across 1.5 million square feet of data center infrastructure in Ashburn, Virginia; Dallas, Texas; and Northern California with significant growth plans in these locations and other top North American data center markets. As part of the NTT Communications group, RagingWire is one of the largest wholesale data center providers in the world with a global network of 140 data centers in 20 countries and regions operated by NTT Communications under the Nexcenter™ brand, and one of the most financially strong companies in the data center industry. For more information visit

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BancoEstado in Chile Uses Speedlane Slide Optical Turnstiles to Manage Entry and Mitigate Tailgating

BancoEstado Upgrades Access System with Boon Edam Optical Turnstiles

Lillington, N.C. – Aug. 9, 2018 – BancoEstado has been operating for more than 160 years, and is established as the most important financial institution in Chile. With more than 400 branches, it supports over 12 million customers in different regions of the country and has branch offices in Santiago City, Valparaíso, Maule, Biobío and Araucanía. The bank offers a wide range of products, such as taxpayer ID accounts, checking and savings accounts, insurance, investment options, as well as financial solutions for Chilean people residing overseas. BancoEstado is recognized as an excellent financial services provider due to its consistency in project development and innovation while also focusing on improving the quality of life for the community. BancoEstado has consistently maintained a spirit of innovation by focusing on the constant improvement of their service offering and the underlying security of customer information. Enhanced Security and Identity Verification To upgrade security at the main headquarters building in Santiago and comply with the strict security measures required by an institution its size, BancoEstado deployed a comprehensive access control strategy that included using three of Boon Edam’s Speedlane Slide optical turnstiles to prevent tailgating by unauthorized pedestrians. The turnstiles were integrated with a Kantech access control system to validate who is authorized to enter the secure area. In addition, a special MorphoWave Tower was installed in front of each turnstile to house the MorphoWave technology by IDEMIA (previously Safran), a state-of-the-art, touchless fingerprint identification technology. This technology assures the identity of the user matches credentials prior to entering through the turnstile. “Besides the capability of integrating with our existing equipment, the reason for choosing Boon Edam solutions was based on the bank’s need to modernize its corporate image which included renewal and improvement of access points”, explained Álvaro Abarca, Project Coordinator at ACCEDER, the security integrator responsible for the project. According to Abarca, the aesthetic aspect was decisive when choosing the type of turnstile to be installed since they would be placed in one of the main entrances of the bank. “Undoubtedly, the quality and architecture of Boon Edam products made them ideal for BancoEstado”, said Abarca. Abarca was also pleased to say the installation was performed seamlessly in a single weekend. At the end of the process, everyone could appreciate how the solution not only blended in with the beautiful architecture but provided the benefits of enhanced security and identity verification. Increased Responsiveness and Aesthetics The Speedlane Slide is part of the Lifeline Series of optical turnstiles, which are unique in the market due to their intuitive and responsive light display system. The turnstile “sleeps” to save energy and awakens when a user approaches. A band of light defines the front of the cabinet and an arrow signal points to the lane that is ready for the user. Once the user is authorized, the barriers open, and as the user moves through the lane a trail of light leads the way. The Lifeline Series is also distinctive for its sleek design that features curved tops, tapered cabinets and a minimal footprint, features that complement Class A interiors. Each turnstile is also made of premium materials like stainless steel and glass making them a durable and practical investment in physical security. Overall the turnstiles are ergonomic, functional and comfortable. Results According to the representative of ACCEDER, the new, modern entrance system had a very positive impact on the bank’s security profile. In addition, the intuitive design and architectural specifications provided the best solution for BancoEstado. “We completed the project seamlessly, and the turnstiles are already working. Undoubtedly, we recommend Boon Edam solutions because they are the best option to address high traffic issues, and they are top-rated in terms of quality and design”, concluded Abarca.For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8238E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Boon Edam Launches Online, Interactive Troubleshooting Guides for Security Entrances

Launching Online, Interactive Troubleshooting Guides for Security Entrances

Lillington, North Carolina, 26 July 2018 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, is proud to announce the launch of new interactive troubleshooting guides for accelerating the diagnosis and problem-solving process for service technicians in the Americas. As part of the company’s commitment to providing the best support for its service partners, any registered technician with internet access, working on a Boon Edam security entrance can now view and interact with the troubleshooting guides. In Response to an Increase in Service Calls Boon Edam Inc. continues to be the market leader in pedestrian security entrance solutions, according to a recent IHS Markit™ report, and, because of strong revenue growth over the past five years, particularly with Fortune 100 companies, the rate of product installations nationwide has also increased. In response to an increase in technical service calls, Boon Edam continues to find new ways to bring current and just-in-time information to on-site field technicians. For example, a few months ago, the company released a new online chat feature to the website. The Algorithm of the New Online Guides The new online troubleshooting guides work as an algorithm, where the technician begins troubleshooting by selecting a product and then a particular issue from a list of the most common field issues. He or she then answers a series of “yes” or “no” questions to drill down to the solution.    Video of Interactive Troubleshooting Guides for Service Technicians    “We’re excited to be adding to the self-service “tool bag” we’ve been putting together for the service technician,” says Kevin Thomasson, VP of Customer Experience, Boon Edam. “Technicians have a number of items in their arsenal already – phone support, a chat function on the website, new instructional videos, and even a traveling training program they can attend. These new troubleshooting guides are the latest addition, and give the technician just one more avenue to find answers to their service questions.” The troubleshooting guides are currently available in English on three of Boon Edam’s most popular security products: the Circlelock mantrap portal, the Tourlock security revolving door and the Speedlane Lifeline optical turnstile series. To obtain access to the troubleshooting guides, technicians should visit and fill out the form. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon Edam Inc.Vice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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EVRY Conveys Sleek Innovation with Boon Edam Speed Gates in Reception Area

Stockholm, Sweden – July 12, 2018 – As one of the largest IT companies in Scandinavia, EVRY provides comprehensive computing, IT consulting, and business solutions to Nordic companies, financial institutions, public sector entities, and health authorities. While security at EVRY facilities is paramount, so is maintaining a leadership brand and accommodating a high flow of staff and visitors. Entry Solutions that Balance Security with Design Entrances of EVRY facilities must provide a high level of security given the value and sensitivity of the work they do, as well as the presence of clients’ intellectual property and other data. Management was looking for entry designs that would not only provide a secure entry way, but would also display exellence in design, innovation and quality – elevating and supporting the overall perception of the firm for both staff and visitors. The EVRY security team quickly zeroed in on Boon Edam as a premium entrance provider. When they heard that many Boon Edam entrances could be customized to meet aesthetic objectives or to match desired colors and finishes, they were compelled to come and see the samples in person. Integration with Cutting Edge Access Technology Bravida, the system integrator who installed the Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates integrated them with cutting edge access control technology that communicated with security personnel. The combination of this physical and technological access control delivered a highly effective solution that met EVRY’s needs for both staff and visitor access control. “The reception area of an IT company like EVRY was an ideal application for the Lifeline Swing speed gates,” explains Daan Van Beusekom, Product Manager Security Access, Royal Boon Edam. “The sleek, high-tech design of the turnstiles support EVRY’s brand positioning, and they provide a high-throughput, secure solution that meet EVRY’s demanding access requirements. The turnstiles also integrate with leading access control systems, making it easy to tie them in with EVRY’s existing security strategies and systems.” The Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates are available in a wide selection of dimensional and glass choices to support a range of needs, such as higher security levels or disabled access. It features a slim form factor that creates an almost invisible gateway – instantly conveying an impression of sleek design that is reinforced by futuristic light pulses that guide user actions. Available in a range of colors and finishes, it can be customized to blend in or stand out, depending on the need for the installation.For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Boon Edam Automatic Revolving Doors at Entry to The Dubai Frame

Automatic Revolving Doors Provide Impressive Entry for Iconic Dubai Frame

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June 28, 2018 – Nearly 1000 teams of architects from around the world competed to design an important new building – a “Tall Emblem Structure” that would promote “the new face of Dubai”. The selected winner was the iconic Dubai Frame, and when its doors opened to the public in January 2018, those doors were automatic revolving doors from Boon Edam. A Historical Landmark Situated in Zabeel Park in Dubai, The Dubai Frame is expected to be a major tourist destination attracting two million people a year. It is an impressive structure, with two 150 meter vertical towers connected by a 105 meter horizontal structure at the top to form an enormous frame. It is positioned in such a way that representative landmarks of modern Dubai can be seen on one side, while from the other side, visitors see older parts of the city.The design of The Dubai Frame was selected as the winner of the ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award in 2009. The architects were clear in their vision to use the negative space of the frame to celebrate and highlight the development of the past, current, and future Dubai – a metropolis that has evolved from its origins as a fishing village to a modern city full of emblematic structures.According to the website for DONIS, the architectural team who designed The Dubai Frame had this to say, “Opposed to the complexity in architecture, the Dubai Frame is a simple structure, yet with an incomparable presence in the city; it achieves the most with the least and will become the new landmark of Dubai.” DONIS has designed other iconic structures including the Dubai Porsche Design Towers and the Dubai Renaissance Tower. Entrances Must be Welcome and Secure Selecting the public entrances for the ground floor was an extremely important part of the project. The entrances must visually support the impressive nature of the structure; they must be durable enough for the high volume of visitor traffic expected, and they must provide sufficient security, safety, accessibility, and other factors that are vital to the project.When the building opened, the selected entrances were automatic, three-wing TQA revolving doors from Boon Edam. Revolving doors have been a specialty of the company since the earliest years of operation, and have continually evolved through many years of experience and product development. “The Dubai Frame entrances were an ideal application for our TQ automatic revolving doors,” explains Mike Commarmond, Managing Director of Boon Edam Middle East. “Their finish was customized to match the architect’s design and aesthetic requirements; it was a perfect fit for the need, and we were able to provide overwhelming evidence of their long-term durability and service based on our long experience with these products.” The TQ series of revolving doors is available in both manual and automatic operation, and is versatile enough to cover a wide range of application needs. The doors can be provided in a variety of colors and finishes, from powder coated or anodized metals all the way to stainless steel and even polished to mirror finishes to match or complement the installation. In addition to a collapsible door set for emergency exit, the TQ series offers a variety of night locking options, including a new security night locking capability that works in conjunction with an access control system to allow authorized users to enter during evening or weekend hours. Revolving doors support simultaneous two-way traffic, and even support the efficiency of building environmental control systems, making them a great choice for many building entrance types. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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