33 Congress Street in Boston Preserves History with Custom Boon Edam Revolving Door and Turnstiles

Lillington, North Carolina, August 21, 2019 – The City of Boston is known for many things – from Fenway Park to the Boston Marathon to the bar from Cheers, the city is full of iconic landmarks, events, cultural assets, education centers, and more. The City is also recognized for its vast history, especially downtown, where hundred-year-old buildings have been preserved or restored. There is also a mixture of new property development, including 33 Congress Street, in the heart of the financial district, which combines the best of historical design with new construction. 33 Congress incorporates more than 400,000 square feet of office and retail space, transforming the historic neighborhood and positioning the area as a dynamic downtown destination. The project was designed by Arrowstreet, an award-winning architecture and design firm, and was led by Jason King, AIA, LEED, AP, BD+C, Senior Associate for Arrowstreet. Blending Historical Features with a Modern Design According to King, the 33 Congress Street building consisted of three different structures that were built at separate times: in 1904, 1906, and in 1922 and then all combined into one space. While the space functioned as one building, there were three separate elevator cores, sets of restrooms, sets of stairs, and more. Those entities needed to be reconfigured into one. The most striking feature of 33 Congress is a new, modern glass and steel structure, containing 6 additional floors of office space that sits on top of the original three masonry buildings. Another important project goal was to upgrade the main lobby to a modern design that allowed public access, increased security for building employees, and respected several historical aspects. “We needed a way to get people into the new, main elevator lobby quickly due to the high volume of traffic that we were anticipating would take place after the redesign,” King said. “We also wanted to create an entrance that would create a better flow of entry from the sidewalk into the building.” The original building had an existing revolving door, but it was small and surrounded by stone. “It was dark and uninviting,” King said. “We were creating an open and airy Class A lobby space and wanted visitors to clearly see the ornate, coffered ceiling and experience the grand and historic nature of the lobby as they entered.” Revolving Door and Optical Turnstiles Provide Aesthetics and Function King implemented a Boon Edam Crystal TQ manual revolving door to lead visitors in the double height lobby space. The Crystal TQ is constructed virtually completely from glass with only a few stainless steel accents to ensure the solidity of the revolving door. It fits seamlessly with modern glass facades but can also be a beautiful eye catcher in more traditional or classic designs. For employee access, the building’s previous design did not incorporate turnstiles to the elevator banks. “The building did have card reader access, but only at certain doors and locations,” King said. King installed four lanes of Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles and two Winglock Swing model access gates to provide secure employee access to the building’s upper floors. The Lifeline Speedlane Swing turnstile manages and channels the flow of people entering and moving around buildings. It employs sensors that detect visitors approaching, with pulsing light strips to guide the user. A sleep function saves on energy use. It can be customized with dimensional and glass choices, including corporate identity colors or other options, so that it either blends-in or stands-out from its surroundings. The Boon Edam Winglock Swing is constructed from stainless steel and a single glass panel, and is unobtrusive in nature and design. The access gate easily manages bi-directional traffic, with LED lights that signal if the gate is in use or on standby. The access gate ties into a manned security desk located near the front doors. Employees gain access to the building through either the Lifeline turnstiles, or a Winglock Swing access gate, while building visitors can receive credentials at the security desk. King said, “We started the process looking at Boon Edam from a security and an aesthetic standpoint. We went through multiple product options but always had a Boon Edam product as the basis of the design. We have been happy with Boon Edam entrance solutions and we are planning to use them again for future projects.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT (773) 999-4654E

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Boon Edam Emphasizes the Theme of Tailgating Mitigation through Integrated Technologies at GSX 2019

Lillington, North Carolina, August 7, 2019 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced they are emphasizing the theme of tailgating mitigation and integration in booth #1103 at the GSX (formerly ASIS) exhibition in Chicago, IL from September 10-12. GSX is an annual event that brings together over 20,000 participants from across the security profession for a week of networking, educational opportunities and discovering the latest security solutions. Boon Edam is also the official turnstile sponsor of the show. Integrated Technologies for True Tailgating Mitigation Access technologies, such as card readers and biometric devices, are critical for controlling entry to secure areas within a building. However, these solutions are only effective at mitigating tailgating when coupled with the appropriate entrance solution. Swinging doors do not stop one authorized person from opening the door and then holding it open for a number of others. Security entrances coupled with access technologies provide a complete solution that ensures only one person can enter per valid authorization. The following solutions will be on display in Boon Edam’s booth: Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile: The industry’s slimmest optical turnstile will feature a custom, integrated pedestal that incorporates the MorphoWave™ touchless fingerprint technology from IDEMIA. This solution enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification, all in a stylish, cohesive design.  New! Lifeline Boost Access Control Pedestal: The Boost is a brand new, stylish access control pedestal designed by Boon Edam to complement the popular Lifeline optical turnstile series. The Boost will include the latest version of Essex’s credential card reader, now with optical Bluetooth and OSDP capability, the iRox-T with BLE expands for HID Global’s Mobile Access solutions.  Tourlock 180+90 Security Revolving Door: The entrance of choice for the Fortune 500, the Tourlock will feature an AMAG Symmetry card reader to demonstrate access control integration paired with the door’s uniquely high, bi-directional throughput and its ability to prevent tailgating and piggybacking without manned supervision.  Circlelock Mantrap Portal: Offering the highest level of security available in an entrance, the Circlelock security portal prevents intrusion into the most sensitive areas such as data centers. The portal will be configured to demonstrate two-factor authentication: an AMAG Symmetry card reader on the outside of the portal conducts the initial authorization, while facial recognition provides instant authentication inside the portal. The secure, edge-based facial recognition access control device by Alcatraz, called the Rock, can also be experienced at their booth (GSX booth #1047).  BoonConnect Software: An IP-addressable, proprietary software system providing diagnostic and configuration tools for the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portal. Users can remotely access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via a secured corporate network.   Tailgating Prize Giveaway We’re celebrating our position as the market leader for security entrances, according to a report by IHS Markit®, with a tailgating-themed prize giveaway. All visitors to GSX are invited to participate by visiting booth #1103 during show hours. Participants will have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes that will help them make the most of the upcoming tailgating season: the Big Green Egg® grill, a YETI® cooler and more. Winners will be selected at random after the exhibition, and an announcement will be made to all participants via email by Friday, September 27. For more information, visit our website at For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT (773) 999-4654E

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The Boon Edam Circlelock Mantrap Portal is Celebrating 35 Years of Preventing Tailgating and Unauthorized Entry

The Circlelock Reaches 35th Anniversary as Proven Security Entrance Solution

Lillington, N.C. – July 24, 2019 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, is proud to announce the 35th anniversary of the launch of the company’s renowned Circlelock mantrap portal. The demand for this reliable security entrance, first built in 1984, continues to grow. Today the Circlelock is used in thousands of sensitive facilities worldwide including data centers, government and military buildings, and commercial campuses. Facilitating the Intent of Multi-Factor Authentication The Circlelock owes its longevity to its ability to deliver on the true intent of multi-factor authentication, which is that only one person, and the right person, can enter a secure area. The portal can integrate with any access control system and biometric scanning technologies can be mounted inside the portal on an optional, supportive post. A user can present one credential to enter the portal (which scans the interior to be sure the user is alone) and then present their face, iris, fingerprint, or hand to confirm their identity before the second door opens. Preventing Piggybacking with Sophisticated Technology The Circlelock combines premium construction with the intelligence of a sophisticated, near-infrared detection technology housed in the ceiling, called StereoVision 2®. When a user steps into the portal, StereoVision 2® scans the compartment to verify that a user is alone before allowing them to enter a secure facility. The technology in StereoVision 2® has been enhanced continuously over the decades and today is able to function reliably in a wide variety of lighting environments. Its reliable performance over the years has proven to be the only sure way to prevent piggybacking into a secure area without the excessive false rejections presented by older, weight mat technology. Easier Installation than Conventional Mantraps Unlike conventional, site-built mantraps, Boon Edam’s Circlelock mantrap portal is a fully tested, turnkey solution that can be installed in two days. There is no need for mounting sensors or cameras and continually testing to check for blind spots. In addition, the seamlessly integrated hardware and software of the Circlelock delivers the highest levels of reliable security without the need for guard supervision, delivering a swift ROI. Another popular option today is the use of bullet-resistant glass for the cylindrical walls and sliding doors. Today, the Circlelock addresses the industry’s growing demand for intelligent and automated system solutions that ensure the highest level of physical security with the added advantage of precise data collection for business intelligence, forensics and predictive analysis applications. “Boon Edam is the leader of mantrap solutions for Fortune 100 companies, as well as a host of users with high security needs across myriad industries,” said Tracie Thomas, Vice President of Marketing, Boon Edam, Inc. “Even after 35 years, more firms today are seeing the value and ROI from deploying turnkey, reliable security portals like the Circlelock – it continues to stand the test of time.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT (773) 999-4654E

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Dallas Police Department Uses Security Revolving Doors in Lobby

Dallas Police HQ Chooses Boon Edam Security Doors to Secure Its Lobby

Lillington, N.C. – April 23, 2019 – There is a saying that “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” and the Dallas, Texas police department is no exception. The city of Dallas is ranked in the top 10 cities in the U.S. in terms of population, at 1.2 million people. The Dallas Police Department is the ninth largest municipal police force in the U.S., based on 3,012 sworn officers. It is led by Chief of Police, U. Reneé Hall. Security a Concern When Designing HQ Building The department is located in the Jack Evans Police Headquarters building, which was built in 2003. It is 358,000 square feet, has six floors, is spread over a three-acre site, has a separate 1,200 car parking garage and a two-acre, open parking lot for additional visitor parking. Prior to 2003, the department was housed in the circa 1914 former City Hall Building. The Jack Evans Police Headquarters building was under construction when 9/11 terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Buildings in New York. That event was preceded by the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing in April 1995. Therefore, security was a concern in its design. Police officials worked with a Police Design Consultant – McClaren, Wilson, and Lawrie Architects of Phoenix – to help design the building to resist a terrorist attack and isolate potential hazards. The building also needed to control visitor traffic and access. On an average month, there are 5,000 public visitors to the Jack Evans building. In addition, shots fired at police buildings nationally are not uncommon, says Paul M. Schuster, Senior Corporal/Facilities Management for the Dallas Police Department. “For the most part they are random, single shot drive-by shootings. Often, the officers are unaware that the building has been shot at, until they find a bullet hole in the brick or glass. Increasingly, police tend to be a symbol of government and some citizens see that as a visible target to lash out at. Police officers are trained to expect the routine types of calls, such as domestic violence, traffic accidents, and other crimes. Yet they must be flexible to anticipate the non-routine that can be dangerous and change in a heartbeat.” An Active Shooter Incident Led to an Increase in Security On June 13, 2015, after midnight, a 35-year-old male placed a duffle bag with a remote-controlled bomb to detonate later between cars in the parking lot of the headquarters building. The suspect then began shooting continuously at the lobby windows. Officers responded to the scene, a vehicle chase began, and the incident ended outside the city. Luckily officers in the lobby took cover and were not injured. Following that incident, the Dallas Police Department conducted a security assessment of the building and also at seven patrol stations throughout the city. The assessment included testing various construction materials for bullet resistance to various types of weapons. Gensler Architects and Guidepost Solutions, LLC developed the solutions and plans. “Yesterday we were concerned about handguns, today we are worried about rifles, and the idea of terrorism is always present with outright attack or bombs,” Schuster notes. “The police officers and police staff only want a place that is safe and where they can do their good work.” Funding of $1.3 million was approved to upgrade the lobbies of the seven patrol stations to withstand rifle rounds, and $1.9 million to improve headquarters lobby security, and to upgrade an aging security system. Turner Construction Company and Convergint Technologies, LLC conducted the renovations and security technology integration. Challenges to the Security Design The headquarter’s lobby was initially designed as a two-story glass-walled structure, with an information desk and public records service windows. Visitors were allowed free entry into the lobby and were only screened in an open area to the side if going to other floors. “The challenge in upgrading lobby security was the two-story lobby entrance glass. The glass was not bullet rated, due to budget constraints. Changing the front of the building to support ballistic rifle-rated glass would have caused extensive time, exposed the inside of the lobby to weather, and would not have solved all of the security issues,” Schuster says. “In addition, there were concerns about keeping an ‘open’ and friendly service concept in mind and ensuring that the lobby would not resemble a ‘fortress’,” Schuster notes. Screening Room with Security Revolving Doors to Contain Incidents The solution was to keep the existing exterior unchanged and focus on adding a layer of security once a person enters the lobby. Visitors now enter the headquarters and immediately proceed to a side room where security screening is conducted. A new secondary wall with bullet-rated glass and solid bullet resistant wall materials was constructed inside the lobby to channel visitors to the room. Once inside the screening room, which also has bullet resistant walls, the visitor has belongings x-rayed, and they walk through a metal detector. In the event that anyone was to produce a gun and begin shooting, the incident could be contained inside that room. Once a visitor has been cleared, they proceed into the main lobby via a Boon Edam Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door. This automatic, four-wing door is the most advanced, security revolving door in the Boon Edam product range that offers maximum throughput, allowing users to enter and leave the building simultaneously. In the event that a large number of persons try to force their way into the facility, the Tourlock 180+90 will determine that more than one person is trying to enter and will reject the person and lock out any others from entering. Once a visitor is ready to leave the lobby and exit the building, they pass through another Boon Edam Tourlock 180+90 that leads to a vestibule with exterior swinging doors. In the event that someone tries to go back into the lobby from the front vestibule area, without going through the security screening room, the Tourlock security revolving door will reject their entry. Balancing Security with Aesthetics The Jack Evans Headquarters security upgrades for the lobby improved security and still kept the best aspects of the lobby design, including the antique police car, and the overhead police helicopter. The Boon Edam security revolving doors accurately prevent both tailgating and piggybacking, and provide the department with maximum security while controlling traffic flow. “While it would be great to have a building totally open to the public and then add security as needed, such is not the world we live in any more,” Schuster adds. Future security plans include exterior site security upgrades to the patrol stations and the headquarters to include security fencing with card access controls for fleet and employee vehicles at each of the sites. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Sara Chaput, LRG MarketingPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Boon Edam Publishes Whitepaper on Advanced Data Available from High Security Entrances

Boon Edam Publishes Whitepaper on Advanced Data Available from High Security Entrances

Lillington, North Carolina, June 26, 2019 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today published a whitepaper for security professionals. Titled ‘The Advanced Analytics of Security Entrances’, the whitepaper provides information and guidance about the data that can be extracted from security entrances. By delivering important insights into user traffic at the entry and in some cases, predictive metrics on the potential for a breach, this data provides higher value than traditional swinging or sliding doors and access control systems alone. Justification of Security Budgets The world we live in is full of risk, yet, more than ever before, security professionals are being asked by the C-suite to prove the value of their security spend in order to gain necessary funding. “Our clients are telling us that even though the C-suite is aware of the host of security risks and how these risks threaten to interrupt business operations, they are focused on costs,” says Greg Schreiber, Senior Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam. “Having the ability to justify the spend on security measures and prove that you are mitigating risk and complying with industry regulations can make all the difference in securing funding to achieve security objectives.” Capturing Analytics that Tie Directly to Threat and Risks ‘The Advanced Analytics of Security Entrances’ whitepaper examines the weaknesses of the most common physical security measures in place at organizations today: the swing door paired with the access control reader. Swing doors alone provide no control against tailgating or piggybacking; when opened they can allow any number of people to pass through, in either direction. And even when swing doors are used in conjunction with access control devices, these doors cannot detect who, if anyone, has passed through. In general, access controllers can identify door status and the identity of the credentials presented, and not much more. This guide uncovers the capabilities of security entrances to capture analytics about user behavior that can be tied directly to threat and risk assessments. Not only do security entrances mitigate the risk of unauthorized entry by either detecting or preventing a breach, but they enable valuable analytics, such as whether a person actually entered the unit after authorization, if a tailgating attempt occurred, and more. Capturing Predictive Analytics This free guide discusses the ability of the latest technologies in security mantrap portals to provide data on the risk of a potential breach. Security professionals can calibrate the sensitivity levels of a security portal and report to the C-suite that the entry is set to, for example, a 95% breach protection level against future piggybacking attempts. This precise type of metric enables security professionals to accurately express the effectiveness of their physical security plan at preventing infiltration and provide peace of mind to management that future security breaches are being mitigated. ‘The Advanced Analytics of Security Entrances’ is available at no charge on the Boon Edam website here.  For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Riverscape in London Uses Boon Edam Revolving Doors for Energy Saving Entrance

London’s Riverscape Office Building Again Selects Boon Edam Entrance Solutions for Renovation

Lillington, North Carolina, June 5, 2019 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that a multi-story office building in London was recently refurbished to upgrade its existing Boon Edam revolving doors and optical turnstiles. Now adorning the entrance are two all-glass Crystal TQ revolving doors, accompanied by an array of slim Lifeline Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles in the lobby. Renovations with Current Trends in Mind Originally opened in 1980, Riverscape is a 63,000 square foot, multi-story office space located at 10 Queen Street Place. The modern development sits on the sought-after area of the River Thames, just minutes from the bustling area of Cannon Street Station. Recently, the building owners decided to upgrade the look and feel of Riverscape, incorporating the current trends of open atriums, flexible floor space and usable rooftop space. The refurbishment project also included the replacement of legacy Boon Edam revolving doors and optical turnstiles with updated solutions. Leading the design of the renovation were architect Aukett Swanke; interior designer Barr Gazetas; and Overbury as main contractors. New Entrances Modernize the Look and Feel of the Atrium As is common with older entrance installations, Riverscape decided to renew its revolving doors and optical turnstiles to achieve a more modern look and feel, and to upgrade the associated technology. The client returned to Boon Edam when selecting their new entrance solutions. At the main entrance to the office space, the existing TQM manual doors were replaced with two, tall Crystal TQ revolving doors. Constructed virtually completely from glass with minimal stainless steel accents, the Crystal TQ accentuates Riverscape’s all-glass façade, providing an elegant and timeless entry experience for all employees and guests. In the main atrium space, the original Speedlane 900 optical turnstiles were upgraded to the new Lifeline Speedlane Swings. The Speedlane Swing combines security with aesthetics, and is particularly popular because it features the slimmest cabinets in the industry – only four inches wide. Integrated Technology for Effective Visitor Management To enhance security at the facility, Riverscape wanted a solution for monitoring and managing visitors to the office space. To achieve this, they decided to integrate the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal with their Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles. The Boost attaches to the end of the Swing and allows for integration with a variety of access control technologies, such as biometric devices, card collectors and barcode scanners. Employees enter the work area by scanning their credentials at the turnstile itself, while guests are issued a temporary access card with a special barcode that is scanned at the Boost pedestal. The Boost retains the card, enabling the reception staff to eventually reuse that card for future guests. “Using our barcode scanners, visitors can book in with reception, receive an entrance card and badge in and out conveniently through the lanes,” says Boon Edam Limited’s Field service Sales Executive, Graham Coulter. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E tracie.thomas@boonedam.comFor Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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