Ferrero Rocher Installs Custom Golden Revolving Door at Luxembourg Headquarters

Ferrero Rocher Installs Custom Golden Boon Edam Revolving Door at New Luxembourg Headquarters

Lillington, North Carolina, January 20, 2021 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Ferrero Rocher, a globally renowned chocolatier, has outfitted its new global headquarters building in Luxembourg with a “golden” TQA automatic revolving door. The unique color of the door provides a visual reference to the chocolatier’s signature use of golden wrappers around each piece of chocolate. Aside from elevating their brand, Ferrero Rocher also installed a revolving door to provide a comfortable interior lobby for both employees and visitors. Ferrero Rocher’s headquarters building houses 1,300 employees in nearly 30,000 sq. meters. Employees were previously spread out over five buildings but are now centralized at one global headquarters building. The building design mimics the atmosphere of an Italian square through the use of a large atrium surrounded by two-multi-story office wings.    Video of Ferrero Rocher Installs Custom Golden Boon Edam Revolving Door at New Luxembourg Headquarters    A Revolving Door Entry to Reflect a High-End Brand General Contractor Felix Giorgetti, and Façade Builder Groven + Portal, commissioned Boon Edam to design a unique revolving door for the entrance to the Ferrero Rocher building, leading into an impressive interior atrium. Building designers included Ferrero’s signature bronze/gold brand color into the façade and window surrounds. Boon Edam coordinated with and supported that design by customizing a 12-foot, TQA automatic revolving door with a custom, golden paint finish. With its automatic operation, employees and visitors can simply approach the door and it will start rotating on its own with no need to touch the door. The other benefit of this touchless entrance is its inherent ability to prevent infiltration of outdoor air, protecting the interior area from drafts, cold weather, debris and noise. The Boon Edam TQA revolving door features a low-torque speed control, safety sensors, and endless finish options for a beautiful and easy-to-use public entry. Learn more by visiting our website at: For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Boon Edam’s New AIA Continuing Education Course Emphasizes Entrance Security

New AIA Continuing Education Course Emphasizes Entrance Security

Lillington, North Carolina, January 6, 2021 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced a new continuing education course approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) entitled, “Closing the Gap in Physical Security: Addressing the Entry.” Architects can view this one-hour presentation in exchange for one Health, Safety and Welfare Continuing Education Unit (HSW CEU) towards their AIA accreditation. The course focuses on the role of security entrances in building design and a physical security strategy, including integration with other security technologies, safety and code requirements, and the impact of pandemics on the entry. The Purpose of Security at the Entry The course begins by explaining the importance of controlling access to buildings through designs that address securing the entry. Architects learn the risks and associated liabilities that impact an organization when they fail to put effective measures in place to mitigate unauthorized access at their buildings. The presentation also touches on the results of a recent Boon Edam survey that revealed how security professionals perceive the risk, impact and cost of tailgating at buildings. Tailgating occurs when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into a facility via a swing door and is arguably the biggest physical vulnerability that an organization will face today. Security Entrances as Part of a Physical Security Strategy The AIA course continues by classifying security entrances according to their ability to mitigate tailgating, their safety features and how they comply with local codes. There are also discussions around the people and processes necessary to support each type of security entrance and the importance of securing a building in layers for the best overall outcome. Attendees will also see videos that demonstrate the working principles of turnstiles, security revolving doors and mantrap portals as they rebuff tailgating attempts while integrated with third-party access control and biometric devices. The Future of the Entry Post COVID-19 The course concludes with details surrounding the future of security in building design in a post-pandemic world. Architects will learn tactics that include creating separate entry and exit points across a building based on the types of users and utilizing technologies that support touchless entry and temperature screening. Boon Edam will be presenting this updated course nationwide via webinar on Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 3:00pm EST. Click here to register now. If you are unable to attend this event, please visit our website at and fill out the form to the right to schedule a virtual 1-hour lunch-and-learn presentation for your organization at a time convenient for you. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Bothwell Exchange Deploys Boon Edam Turnstiles and Revolving Doors for Increased Safety/Sustainability

Cantina Laredo Standardizes on Boon Edam Revolving Door for Main Entrance

Lillington, North Carolina, December 16, 2020 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced the installation of a Boon Edam revolving door at the new Cantina Laredo in Virginia Beach, VA. The addition of the door provides both convenience and prestige to the newly-built restaurant. An Unconventional Entrance Location Situated in the growing Town Center of the city of Virginia Beach, Cantina Laredo is located on the second floor of a mixed-use development. The ground floor features retail stores including Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn; above the restaurant are several floors with approximately 300 residential units. Total square footage for the restaurant is approximately 8,000 square feet; at 100% occupancy (pre-Covid-19), the restaurant would serve up to 700 customers on a weekend night and 500 on a weeknight. “Opening a restaurant on the second floor is something new for the Cantina Laredo brand, so it was a bit unconventional about how construction had to be done,” said Niraj Patel, Financial Business Analyst, THE LAP GROUP, a franchisee of Cantina Laredo. “From the beginning, we knew we wanted a rotating door rather than just a traditional push or pull door. The restaurant got off to a bumpy start, because we opened in late January 2020, just before COVID-19. But we’re back open now and we are getting lots of great customer feedback.” Improving Traffic Flow and Aesthetics According to Patel, the primary reason for a revolving door was to improve traffic flow. “During normal times, we would see 600-plus customers a day, so you can only imagine the chaos of what would happen when you have a large party of 15-20 customers trying to leave while several groups were trying to get in. We wanted to cut that down as much as possible." Another key reason for this decision was the fact that revolving doors provide a better appearance for the venue. “That door is the first and last thing that you see, so you want to have a really elegant entrance and exit,” Patel continued. “Not only does it look much better than a regular door, it also changes the entire ambiance of the entrance. It is definitely more luxurious than a door that you have to push or pull open.” A User-Friendly Revolving Door Cantina Laredo selected a BoonAssist TQM manual revolving door for their front entrance, which offers a unique low energy drive that reduces the effort of pushing the door wing by up to 50%. “You just give it a little push and it spins itself,” said Patel. “The BoonAssist door also stops in the same resting position every time, which eliminates the need for a host or hostess to reposition the door after customers come or go,” added Glen Tracy, Vice President, Architectural Revolving Doors, Boon Edam. Cantina Laredo’s parent company, CRO Inc. of Dallas, includes the BoonAssist TQM in their standard specification for the main entrance, which is recommended for all locations. The spec also includes a unique Night Sliding Door option, which consists of two sliding, exterior panels that seal off the throat opening of the door, securing the entry and locking it when the restaurant is closed. This security feature deters break-in attempts and can also be used to close off the entrance during inclement weather or other types of calamities. Cantina Laredo has found the Boon Edam revolving door to be an ideal choice for restaurant operations. “With customers going in and out at the same time, it’s much easier with the revolving door than a traditional door,” said Patel. A swing door would not serve the purpose of having this kind of simultaneous multi-functionality. Beyond the convenience and functionality of the revolving door, the appearance of the door itself also adds branding value to the location. “On the metal circular frame on the outside of the door, Boon Edam gave us a space for our sign manufacturer to place a Cantina Laredo logo,” said Patel. He further confirms that they never considered using a double-door vestibule style entry for the restaurant, since that is “an older design approach.” For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Sydney’s Dexus Gateway Building Combines Boon Edam Turnstiles with Three Technologies for Ultimate Physical Security Solution

Lillington, North Carolina, December 2, 2020 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced that Dexus Wholesale Property Fund has upgraded the Gateway Building in Sydney’s Circular Quay to feature entry security measures to protect employees, visitors and valuable data. The ideal solution was found by integrating Boon Edam Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles, IDEMIA’s MorphoWave touchless fingerprint scanners, Schindler’s elevator dispatch and Honeywell’s access control technology. Complex Integration Gateway’s access solution allows authorized and registered tenants to simply wave their hand in the MorphoWave touchless fingerprint scanner reader to enter the secure area through the turnstiles. Guests can sign in and register their finger pattern to become authorized to enter. MorphoWave scans and verifies four fingerprints through a simple hand wave gesture, during which the sensor takes several 3D photos of the fingerprints to extract biometric data and compare with the authorized fingerprints stored in the device. If they match, the user is granted access. This process all happens in less than one second. Each Morphowave reader is connected to Schindler’s PORT Technology, which then receives the user’s credential data and conducts a cross-check with the building’s access control database. If the user is valid, a command is sent to the Boon Edam Lifeline Speedlane Swing to open its barriers. This interaction is surprisingly quick, with limited latency. “Tenants have a duty of care to protect their employees and visitors as well as valuable data and intellectual property, and they need the cooperation and support of a responsible and innovative building manager such as Dexus to manage secure entry into the building,” said Michael Fisher, Managing Director, Boon Edam Australia. Partnership Allows for Seamless Integration A major part of the solution involves elevator destination control, whereby a user’s credentials are automatically assigned an elevator as they are verified and allowed access through the turnstile. This seamless integration was facilitated by an existing global partnership between Boon Edam and Schindler. The partnership arranged for Schindler’s PORT 4 mini technology to be embedded into the Speedlane Swing optical turnstiles at the manufacturing stage in the Boon Edam factory. Using an advanced algorithm and the integrated Schindler PORT 4 mini elevator destination control for visual and audio feedback, an elevator is automatically assigned at the same time the turnstile is opening, allowing for optimum efficiency. The security is controlled by Honeywell’s access control system, integrated with Schindler’s PORT Technology. Honeywell has been managing the security and building management systems for the Gateway building since it was first opened in 1990. Honeywell Asia-Pacific Solution Architect Leader Rhys Crabb says early engagement at all stages and a commitment to a collaborative approach enabled Dexus to select the best available technologies. “Dexus placed customer outcomes first and foremost in the project brief, ensuring the delivery of a product that provided tenants and visitors with a premium, modern and secure user experience that is flexible and easy to use,” said Crabb. A Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle of Solutions Mr. Stephen Hodge, Senior Project Manager, Dexus, added that “with so many stakeholders, and a strong need for reliability and quality, it was important that everyone knew the goals of the project and worked well together. I’m pleased to say that it was like a perfect jigsaw and everything came together smoothly. What was important to Dexus is that we were pushing the boundaries to create better experiences, but we’re only doing so with proven products. Boon Edam’s optical turnstiles have been installed globally and locally, and this gave us added confidence that they were the right product for this forward-looking project.” “Another significant help with this project was that the companies involved built a prototype, located at Schindler’s Head Office based in Sydney, so that the Dexus management and technical teams could test the solution well in advance of implementing it at Gateway,” Hodge continued. “It gave us peace of mind that we’d selected the right suppliers. We have tenants in Gateway who requested ground floor security, so we went out to tender to seek the best combination of sophisticated security and elegance, without being obtrusive to the building’s users.”    Video of Dexus Gateway Building Combines Boon Edam Turnstiles with Three Technologies for Ultimate Physical Security Solution    Fingerprint Scanners for Privacy Touchless fingerprint scanners were chosen to control access to secured floors and areas of the building, because they provide an extra level of privacy that was attractive to tenants. “A computer algorithm converts each person’s unique fingerprint signature into binary code – zeroes and ones – and uses that code to grant access,” explained Mr Hodge. “Boon Edam turnstiles have the ability to integrate facial recognition, which could be highly valuable in other projects, but the fingerprint scanners were the right fit for this building. Boon Edam made it simple to integrate the scanners with their optical turnstiles, which helped us meet project deadlines.” Top Service and a Staged Introduction For such a complex project, installation always has its challenges, including managing installation work as people continue to use the building. Mr. Bill Garrett, Facility Manager at Gateway, was impressed by Boon Edam’s service and installation team. “The Boon Edam installation team always ensured safety was the number one priority and they did a quality job, even with some very difficult-to-access areas,” Garrett noted. “I’m delighted with the result of the project. One of the major benefits of the new entry system is that there’s a dedicated underground entrance for tradespeople, couriers and deliveries, which removes congestion and bulky carts from the main lobby. It’s all about enhancing the user experience, and Gateway will set a new benchmark for a seamless, secure and aesthetically pleasing entry,” said Garrett. Mr. Garrett explained that to get tenants used to a totally new system, they adopted a staged approach. At first, the turnstiles were put into place but left in the open position; after an initial period some of the turnstiles were closed so that tenants could try entering using the new technology if they wished. Finally, the entire system was fully implemented. “In addition to this staged approach, we met with key tenants and allowed them to test the system in advance. The testing, combined with the staged approach, allowed for a smooth transition to the new security technology,” said Garrett. A Template for the Future Now that the technology has been successfully rolled out at Gateway, Dexus is looking at other locations that could utilize the same harmony of security technologies. “We are continuing to assess opportunities to implement touchless technologies in new developments as well as in our existing buildings,” said Mr. Hodge. “The stylish and secure entrance at Gateway has been ideal through the COVID-19 pandemic. It manages flow, queries guests on recent visits to pandemic hotspots, if they are feeling any symptoms, and can record all entrants to the building, helping us meet government requirements. And the same features will be beneficial in a broader context, too, to help mitigate against unauthorized entry,” said Hodge. Dexus is actively exploring the possibility of rolling out similar security entrance systems in other buildings, thereby delivering the seamless balance of security and elegance. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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BoonTV to Address Biggest Gap in Physical Security: Unauthorized Entry

Lillington, North Carolina, November 18, 2020 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced a new BoonTV event, “The Key to Closing the Biggest Gap in Physical Security: Unauthorized Entry.” In this event, JC Powell, Vice President of Sales, reveals the assumptions and misconceptions around entrance security in physical security planning and how to effectively bring reliable entrance control to a facility to avoid costly risks and liabilities. Three Inputs for Controlling Access to a Facility The BoonTV episode begins by addressing the audience with two fundamental questions: (1) Do you know who is in your building at any given time? and (2) How many unauthorized people are acceptable in your facility? These two questions set the stage for reinforcing the importance of controlling access and introducing three inputs for effectively monitoring who is in a building at all times: People, Process and Technology. JC then provides examples of how organizations must balance all three inputs, and to explain how Technology (the combination of access control systems, security entrances, biometrics, cameras, etc.) directly alleviates the pressure on both People and Process. Scalable Security: Three Levels of Entrance Capabilities Next, the episode introduces the concept of “Scalable Security,” which helps the security professional select the right entrance type for each area of their building based on the entrance’s true capabilities related to tailgating mitigation – Deter, Detect, or Prevent. The true capability of an entrance will have a direct impact to the inputs of physical security: the People, Process and adjacent Technologies. Real-life case studies are shared that reveal the mistakes organizations have made before landing on the best entrance solution for their true needs. The Future of the Entry Post COVID-19 The webinar concludes with a short discussion around the impacts of the current pandemic. JC shares how he sees the future of the entry based on his discussions with industry consultants, integrators and end users, including discussions around touchless entry, thermal cameras and antimicrobial finishes and films. To watch the webinar, please visit For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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Boon Edam to Present Live Webinar on Access Control Integration with Security Entrances

Presenting Live Webinar on Access Control Integration with Security Entrances

Lillington, North Carolina, November 4, 2020 – Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, today announced they will be presenting a live webinar entitled, “Securing the Facility: Best Practices for Integrating Access Control & Biometrics with Security Entrances,” at the fall Virtual Security Showcase (VSS), held from November 10-12. VSS is a virtual event created to establish and maintain connections among security industry professionals while promoting the latest and best ideas about how to keep people, facilities and organizations safe and secure. Boon Edam’s 40-minute webinar will be held on Tuesday, November 10 at 3:00pm EST, hosted by two Enterprise Technology Specialists, Brad Whaley and Zac Ellett, who each have over 25 years of technical expertise. Both have been heavily involved with installing security entrances, running installation training programs for integrators, and helping national and global companies specify and install advanced entry solutions integrated with credential readers, biometric devices, access control systems and more. The Vulnerability of Access Control Systems and Swing Doors Brad and Zac kick off the webinar by explaining that most access control systems are designed to track events that occur at swinging doors, not security entrances. This limitation and the working principle of swinging doors makes it impossible to know for sure who is in your building, leaving an organization vulnerable to risk and liability, such as crime, violence, regulatory fines, loss of productivity, litigation, etc. Gain Valuable Metrics from Security Entrances Security entrances are designed to mitigate unauthorized intrusion from tailgating, and when they are integrated with an access control system, can offer much more in terms of metrics on the events that occur at the entry. Many integrators do not know how to integrate security entrances to achieve these results. The webinar provides all the possible events that can be tracked for each type of security entrance and Brad and Zac share a few case studies about improper integration and the impact it had on the end user. When done right, metrics can help to identify patterns for investigation and action. For instance, if some entrances are experiencing high levels of tailgating attempt alarms or invalid credential alarms, security teams can train staff on the proper use of a turnstile. Cameras can also be turned on when the access control system receives a tailgating event alarm. Discover Integration Techniques & Avoid Common Mistakes Brad and Zac conclude the webinar by discussing common integration techniques. They share the many ways that credential and biometric readers can be mounted. They also talk about some mistakes they have seen in the field in terms of integration, including incorrect device placement, and also devices that authenticate a person too quickly or from too far away. This webinar was presented on November 11, 2020. In order to view a recorded version of the webinar, please visit our website at and fill out a short form. For Further Information, Please Contact:Tracie Thomas, Boon EdamVice President of MarketingT 910 814 8239E For Media Queries, Please Contact:Jayme Cunningham, LRGPublic RelationsT 845 358 1801E

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