The Energy Saving and Generating Revolving Door

After making real waves in the industry in 2008 with this innovative energy saving and generating revolving door, we have made the decision to discontinue it from our range of entry solutions.

While it is sad to say goodbye to the NRG+ TQ, we will be putting our engineering talents into our other revolving door solutions.

Revolving Doors Supporting Sustainability

Revolving doors are known to be the most environmentally-friendly entry solution for buildings. Revolving doors work under the principle of, “always open, always closed.” Thus, they minimize the amount of air moving between the inside and outside of a building, putting less strain on the HVAC system and maintaining a consistent air temperature in a building’s lobby.

Boon Edam offers a premium range of entrance solutions – some of our newest innovations include manual revolving doors with not only power assistance, automatic positioning, and speed control but also security features such as automatic security locking, night locking and easy integration with access control systems.

Please take a look at our comprehensive range of revolving doors and find out how you can fine-tune your choice to suit your exact specifications.


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