Optical Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles

Ideal for supervised lobbies and transitions from public to secure areas within a building, Boon Edam’s wide range of optical turnstiles and security lanes combine sleek and contemporary styling with the most precise optical detection technology available.

Our optical turnstiles use multiple detection beams at three levels to ensure the passage of only one authorized user. Choose from waist high, barrier and barrier-free models to full-height optical turnstiles with glass partitions – Boon Edam has the right solution for any security situation. All models are compatible with your choice of electronic or biometric authorization solution.

Speedlane 2048

This barrier free optical turnstile allows you to monitor the flow of visitors without physically blocking their passage. An alarm is generated to alert security staff in the event of tailgating or unauthorized passage through the turnstile.

Speedlane 300

This optical turnstile with elegantly lit angel wings offers security with beautiful design.

Speedlane 900

This versatile optical turnstile is easily adaptable to your security needs with a variety of barrier heights and finishes.

Swinglane 900

This optical turnstile combines slim cabinets and a long detection lane for extremely accurate tailgating and piggybacking detection.

Speedlane 996

This high security optical turnstile can provide the right combination of security, styling and high traffic capacity for any entrance application.

Twinglock 900

Two swinging glass barriers offer comfortable and elegant secured access for carts and wheelchairs.


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