BoonTouch Access Control Panel


Security entrances help you manage the flow of people through your building. When it comes to visitors, a receptionist or security guard must manually register and allow access to the building. The BoonTouch access control panel allows personnel to remotely control all linked security entrances from a single place.

BoonTouch Panel for Door and Turnstile Access Control

BoonTouch is a large touchscreen panel designed by Boon Edam to allow reception personnel remote access to your entire collection of security entrance products. BoonTouch allows receptionists and security guards to easily and quickly allow or deny access to different visitors. They can conveniently give a pulse entry from the reception desk to open a security entrance elsewhere in the building. The device also gives a quick overview of the status of the security entrances and has multiple commands including:

  • Overview of up to six connected security entrances per panel
  • Alarms per security entrance: intruder alarm, power failure, communication failure, general warnings
  • Close all entrances command
  • Open all entrances command
  • Day operation command
  • Night operation command
  • Operating modes per security entrance: locked, optical, unlocked, regular operation
  • One-time operating modes per security entrance: pulse entry, free exit (or entrance), blocked

Inbuilt Alarm and Alert System

BoonTouch is equipped with a built-in alarm and alert system to quickly highlight which entrance has experienced a possible breach. An intruder alarm will go off when a person, without authorization, has tried to gain access. The access control panel will show the exact entrance where the breach occurred. In optical mode, the security entrances are visually open, but will still show an intruder alarm when an unauthorized user passes the product’s sensors.

How Does the BoonTouch Access Control Panel Work?

BoonTouch allows you to set up different roles and corresponding rights. Admin users have full remote control over all linked entrance products. An admin user can give access to other users such as receptionists, who can be given different rights in relation to product control and login credentials. Each assigned role can control the security entrances according to their rights. No matter the level, if unauthorized entry does occur, the security entrances can be hastily locked down to contain the situation.

The BoonTouch panel for access control systems is fully language configurable and can link up to six security entrances per device.

Compatible Products

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