Access Control Systems: the Heart of the Security Entrance


We have come a long way since the introduction of the brass key. Access control systems have become a vital security addition for organizations and buildings worldwide. They provide reassurance and safety to millions of individuals.

However, to create the most secure solution for granting access and mitigating unauthorized entry, access control systems must be integrated with physical security entrances.  The access control system allows and manages access to certain areas of your building, while the physical security entrance operates to deter, detect or prevent unauthorized access – depending on your required level of security.

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is the method of managing access to your building, or certain areas of you building. An access control system typically consists of:

  • access control devices, such as access cards and card readers
  • an access management dashboard
  • hardware, such as access control panels and access control servers

Access control systems reduce the risk involved in data and product theft, and significantly increase employee safety. They are commonly installed with a two-factor or multi-factor identification process. They commonly require a card and a piece of unique information, such as a password.

Why an Access Control System Alone is Not Enough

Access control devices are often installed alongside swinging doors with the intention of reducing unauthorized entries. However, once open, a swinging door can allow multiple users to go through on a single credential.

This is why combining electronic access control systems with physical security solutions has become increasingly popular – and necessary. Integrating access control systems with turnstiles and high security doors solves many issues concerning unauthorized access into buildings and facilities.

Anti-Tailgating. Anti-Loitering. Anti-Passback.

Access control systems combined with physical entrance solutions provide a better way to manage, monitor and control access points in a building.


Most automated access control systems alone cannot detect tailgating instances, or an unauthorized user entering through an entrance behind an authorized user. But, once integrated with a physical security entrance, the pair offers anti-tailgating benefits. The access control system makes sure the credentialed user is in the system and the entrance ensures a tailgating attempt does not go undetected. The access control system will also track and record each tailgating instance.


Accompanying anti-tailgating is anti-loitering technology. Anti-loitering technology monitors your progress through the entryway - ensuring continued and seamless movement. If someone stops inside the security entrance to chat or look for an item in a bag, the entrance will alarm and alert personnel.       


Finally, anti-passback technology prevents an authorized user from passing their badge back to a friend to give them access. This is a function of the access control system that must be supported by the security entrance.

Integrating Access Control Devices with Security Entrances

The best combination of access control system and security entrance is based upon your specific needs. Think about the following:

  • Do you need perimeter security?
  • How many points of access do you have?
  • Should there be different authorization rules based upon job role?
  • Should there be different time-based authorization rules?
  • Are there any rooms or areas where you require an extra layer of security?
  • Is single-factor authentication enough, or do you need multi-factor authentication?

Then, depending on the security entrance that best fits your needs, you can select a number of access device integration techniques, including:

  1. Top-mounted
  2. Panel cut-outs
  3. Custom pedestals
  4. Interior-mounted

To learn more about each integration technique, click here to read our blog.

Compatible Products

For each of these, you need to consider what type of security entrance you will integrate your chosen access control system. Compatible products are:

Perimeter security is mostly taken care of by installing full height turnstiles in combination with proximity cards. Access to your office building can be managed by installing a bank of optical turnstiles in combination with proximity readers, RFID access control systems or biometric devices. For the highest level of security, you will need high security doors or portals and a combination of different access control devices.

Choose Your Access Control System and Security Entrance

Do you need help in determining the best access control solution for your security entrance? Read more on access control systems by downloading the brochure in the tab above or contact your local entry expert for advice.

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