Bullet-Resistant Package


Active shooters are meticulous planners with an “MO” for going inside buildings to seek out targets. High security doors keep unauthorized entry at bay. But, what if that shooter decides to unload on the front entrance in an attempt to gain entry? A bullet-resistant package can safeguard the integrity of your door up to a certain point and possibly save lives.

Bullet-Resistant Glass UL Level 3

Our Bullet-Resistant Package equips a security revolving door or mantrap portal with reinforced framing and UL Level 3 bullet-resistant glass. This gives the door the ability to stop three .44 magnum bullets, or a bullet twice as heavy and significantly faster than the bullet of the most common handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic.

Protecting the Façade Around a Security Door

Just as important as reinforcing your security entrance to withstand an attack with firearms is upgrading the adjacent storefront with bullet-resistant materials. Because facades have flat glass, they can accommodate a much higher level of bullet-resistant glass than a security door.

  1. Door wing and curved sidewall glass: clear, poly-glass laminate, bullet-resistant, UL Level 3 glass (29mm thick)
  2. Reinforced end and side posts: 1/8” steel-plate lining
  3. Reinforced canopy façade on the non-secure side and canopy roof: aluminum lined with 7/16” bullet-resistant fiberglass

Compatible Products

Our Bullet-Resistant Package is available as an option on the following products:

  • Tourlock 180
  • Circlelock Solo

Read more about our Bullet-Resistant Package by downloading the brochure or contact your local entry expert for advice.

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