StereoVision Control System: Advanced Anti-Piggybacking Security Technology


Prevent piggybacking, or two users trying to get through a security revolving door or mantrap portal together, with our proprietary StereoVision control system.

What is StereoVision?

Our 2nd generation StereoVision is a highly sophisticated detection system that uses time-of-flight technology to recognize shapes, size and volume in 3 dimensions. StereoVision measures the time it takes light to travel from its overhead system to an object in the door compartment and back. In doing so, the system can accurately tell the difference between two people entering and one person alone - even if the individual is carrying additional equipment such as a bag or suitcase. StereoVision is not affected by sunlight or reflections.

StereoVision is a proven technology that accurately detects and prevents piggybacking in our high security door and portal entrances.


StereoVision Control System for Advanced Security

Effective security entrances should only provide access to authorized users. Cards, passes and even biometric devices help ensure only authorized users can enter, but, alone, they are not able to prevent tailgating and piggybacking. While similar, both tailgating and piggybacking security breaches differ in how an unauthorized user gains access through a security entrance.

What is Tailgaiting?

In security revolving doors, tailgating occurs when an unauthorized user follows an authorized user in the trailing compartment.

What is Piggybacking?

For security revolving doors, piggybacking occurs when two users try to squeeze through using the same compartment. In a security portal, two users attempting to enter the door at the same time.

StereoVision vs Weight Systems vs Contact Mats

Many security revolving door or mantrap portal manufacturers utilize weight systems or contact mats to prevent piggybacking. However, these technologies are inaccurate. These systems will deny access to an authorized user if they exceed the weight limit. They’ll also grant or deny access based on where the user stands on the mat – standing off-center may give a false acceptance or rejection.

StereoVision’s technology is highly accurate and the sensitivity level can be adjusted by the security manager to best fit the needs of the organization.

Advantages of StereoVision Control Systems

StereoVision, in combination with a high security door, prevents piggybacking. This high assurance level allows organizations to reduce or eliminate the need for guards at the entrance. Considering the 24/7 salary of a security guard, a reduction or reallocation of guard staff results in a fast return on your investment

Read more on how StereoVision can help your security strategy by downloading the brochure in the tab above or contact your local entry expert.

Compatible Products

Rather than being a standalone security system, Stereovision is designed to be an accessory to Boon Edam’s high security doors and portals:

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