Boon Edam Inc., a global leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors, announced that Citrix has installed two sets of Boon Edam entrances at its Raleigh, NC offices. The offices are located in a large, renovated warehouse in the downtown area of Raleigh.

In 2014, Citrix transformed an abandoned warehouse into a 170,000 square-foot new-generation modern workplace designed to stimulate creativity, collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement. The environmentally-forward workplace design, combined with Citrix technologies that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops and data on any device, embodies and underscores the company’s core vision of enabling people to work better.

Citrix Facilities staff chose a spacious, 8-foot diameter Boon Edam BoonAssist TQ manual revolving door, with its power assist, low energy drive feature, for their primary entrance to the building. The door’s “push and go” rotation feature allows staff and visitors to enter with a minimum of effort.


Upon entering the large lobby, staff and visitors then must badge through Boon Edam Swinglane 900 optical turnstiles with swinging glass gates to enter the modern interior. The interior features a wide variety of casual and open meeting spaces, conference rooms built from storage containers, offices, and call center rooms featuring living walls of stone and plants.

The Boon Edam BoonAssist TQ revolving door has a swing door located next to it and those entering the building can use both entrances. After hours, only the swing door is open and anyone entering must badge in.

“The Swinglane entrances are quite intuitive,” said Jenna Geigerman, Senior Manager, Facilities & Real Estate. One benefit of the initial trial period is that the Swinglane closing quickly after one person enters sends the message to the next person coming through to badge in individually and no tailgating. “Employees learned that rather quickly,” recalled Geigerman.

“The entrances are pretty, while being highly functional and secure. There is a lot of visibility of the traffic and that’s a great feature—the design—lots of glass and a low profile. We’ve discovered an additional benefit: should a visitor pass through the Swinglane entrance when leaving but still have something to say to the staffer who brought them to the lobby, due to the nice, open design the two can converse through the entrance without the need to re-enter.” said Geigerman

“The Boon Edam entrances are more fluid while providing the security that every business needs. The design is also consistent with the look and feel of our building.”



Raleigh, NC | USA


BoonAssist TQ & Swinglane 900



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