Pensacola Christian College

Pensacola Christian College, in northwestern Florida, has installed 12 Boon Edam waist-high turnstiles to manage entry into two of its dining halls.

Pensacola Christian College (PCC) had turnstiles that were 20 years old and as Amy Glenn, the college’s Chief Communication Officer, put it, “we had exhausted the life out of those units.” PCC was also having real problems getting replacement parts.

PCC staff researched various companies offering turnstile entrances and found the visual appearance of each of the products to be similar. “What brought us to Boon Edam,” said Glenn, “was your willingness to work with us.” The College wanted recessed scanners in each entrance and a plexiglass covering for protection. Boon Edam made that happen. Cost was also factor:  Boon Edam turnstiles are made in America, cutting shipping costs and for PCC that made a big difference.

Boon Edam turnstiles are installed in both the Four Winds and Varsity dining facilities. The two dining halls serve about 10,000 meals a day, two-thirds of which are served at Four Winds. Meals are served seven days a week.  At Four Winds, there are eight turnstiles, but four units alone can handle 1,000 students in 15 minutes or less at popular times. “We don’t want our students waiting in lines,” explained Glenn. “We could have designed a huge lobby but this size with this throughput is ideal.”

At the 1600-capacity Four Winds, all eight turnstiles are used for entering, lobby attendants monitor the exit so no turnstiles are needed. The 900-capacity Varsity has four entry turnstiles.

“We use the turnstiles not just for count, but also to determine eligibility,” explained Glenn. “Our request to Boon Edam was to modify the design so students can scan in as they begin entering and a light comes on to show the student is cleared to enter. With our high throughput in such a short time, this reduces possible damage and injury.”

How are the entrances functioning? “It’s been night and day right from the beginning compared to our old entrances. Plus, we know we can get parts quickly, and mechanically they have performed super well. Our team has been quite pleased, no complaints at all,” said Glenn.
“We live and die by our counts each day. As a large food service operation, the counts are vital in our estimating process for meal needs. Accurate counts save us money by reducing food waste, while still ensuring we meet demand,” Glenn concluded.


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