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In order to maintain an appropriate, safe environment for its educational community, Universidad TECMILENIO has implemented a multi-campus, perimeter security project that enables the institution to offer secure yet convenient pedestrian access to its campuses from adjacent parking lots.

As part of the perimeter security project, TECMILENIO has installed over 100 Boon Edam security entrances, and integrated them with the existing access control system. Seventy-three of the Trilock 75 model (which features a collapsing arm for emergency egress) and 28 of the Trilock Side Gate, which is available for disabled access, have been installed. The turnstiles and gates are located at 25 of the 29 TECMILENIO campuses including San Nicolas, Guadalupe, Toluca, Guadalajara, and Hermosillo, among others.

Juan Ramsés Herrera, IT Manager for the institution, said that the process of choosing an entrance provider was based on institutional standards and very careful selection. The equipment had to efficiently control the entrance and exit of about 150,000 daily users visiting the many TECMILENIO campuses.

Although there are numerous manufacturers on the market for entrance solutions, TECMILENIO selected Boon Edam’s equipment because of the project’s size and scope and Boon Edam’s ability to deliver on their needs. In addition, Boon Edam’s turnstile and gate designs met the high aesthetic expectations of the university.

The TECMILENIO installation presented a series of challenges related to the security parameters of access control. For example, it was necessary to consider three elements: the use of “blank” cabinets at the end of each turnstile array to create a final lane of passage, the need to provide users with a visual indication of the correct lane to use (each turnstile displays a green arrow when authorized), and then testing and customizing the amount of time a turnstile should remain unlocked to allow an authorized person to enter.

Herrera asserts that the Boon Edam turnstiles have performed in line with their expectations and, as part of a total solution that includes remote monitoring, security guards and vehicle access control devices, has successfully increased the feeling of safety within the TECMILENIO educational community.

Universidad TECMILENIO is a private institution of higher education that employs 4.500 teachers and about 50,000 students are enrolled in several different courses of study: preparatory, bilingual preparatory, professional programs, and masters programs. The institution also has an online campus.





Trilock 75 & Trilock Side Gate



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