Uppsala University - The Segerstedthuset Building

Art in Motion by Ethereal Light Installation Artist - Spencer Finch

When entering the new Segerstedthuset building at the Uppsala University in Sweden – guests, students and employees alike are cheerfully greeted by a colourful revolving door. This unique door is an art installation by renowned American artist Spencer Finch   (http://www.spencerfinch.com/) and is aptly named ‘The Colour Wheel’. The artist is best known for installations that visualise his experience of the nature of light, colour, memory.

Turning Entrances and Turning Heads

The Uppsala University is the oldest university research university in the Nordic area and this large facility is located in Uppsala, Sweden - educating 45000 students. The new Segerstedthuset building, designed by 3XN is a multi-purpose extension to the university and was conceptualised and constructed as a modern workplace for researchers, university administration and management.

Silver Level Swedish Green Building

The doors measure a diameter of 3000 mm and a total height of 2400 mm and the 6 glass door panels provide the canvas for the light installation artist to work his magic on. Colour film is fitted between the glass which creates a truly remarkable and memorable entry experience into this urban, communal space. The Segerstedthuset building was built as a sustainable building and proved to meet high environmental standards such as efficient energy use, sound material choices and a silent indoor environment. The building is environmentally certified according to the Sweden Green Building Council at the silver level.

A Strong Collaboration

Projects like these involve many collaborators, and for this one we are working with the below in our quest to secure the space:


Uppsala, Sweden


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