Lifeline Boost: The Access Control Pedestal Mount Accessory


A Hub for Access Control System Configurations

The Lifeline Boost is an innovative and unobtrusive access control and biometric reader pedestal that perfectly complements the Lifeline optical turnstile series. The Boost was designed with the comfort of the user in mind: it is ergonomic, at a comfortable height, features the same tapered V-shape synonymous with the Lifeline turnstiles, and offers the same energy saving features that our customers come to expect.


Additional Authentication Security

The Lifeline Boost has been manufactured to integrate with an array of access control system configurations ranging from; card readers, card collectors, barcode scanners and biometric devices. Quick to install, intuitive in use and designed with a minimal footprint, the Lifeline Boost is a ‘plug and play’ pedestal solution ideal for those who refuse to compromise on security, space or compatibility.

Suggested Segments

  • Corporate offices
  • Multi-story tenant buildings
  • Medical and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Banks
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Sports facilities
  • Government and embassy buildings

Simple Access Control Integrations

The Lifeline Boost pedestal utilizes the same approach sensor technology and LED indicator lights that make the Lifeline optical turnstile series intuitive and easy to use. Thus, the Boost is a seamless accessory for current optical turnstile installations.  There are 2 models available:

  1. Standard Premium: Suitable for the integration of a card reader, barcode reader or biometric devices.
  2. Card Collector: Suitable to integrate a third party card collector device.
  3. MorphoWave Compact: Suitable to integrate the Idemia MorphoWave Compact 3D fingerprint scanner.

A quick, clean and cost-effective addition to the Lifeline Series, the Boost is easy and fast to install due to its enclosed raceway that houses electrical and access control system conduit along the surface of any finished floor.


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