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Driving Success with Proactive Support

We recognize that each installation of our product is unique and that preparedness is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Advanced Customer Care program proactively supports our valuable reseller customers through four stages that communicate, support, train and inform on the pertinent details of the installation, service and warranty of our products.

Capabilities Assessment

We work with you, our reseller and installer, to determine what is requred for your upcoming project. We'll discuss installation, service and warranty capabilities and recommend training options based on our discussions.

Installation Coordination

Every project is different. We'll discuss the Scope of Work for your specific project, reviewing all installation and site requirements and fine-tuning training needs. We'll provide commissioning support for the access control integration and building safety tie-ins for fire and emergency.


Our goal is to give you the tools to be successful during installation. We have a variety of training options (most of which are free of cost). Learn about installation, service and planned maintenance through webinars, roadshow trainings at a city near you, and factory trainings at our North Carolina headquarters.


The final stage of our Advanced Customer Care program is a review. We'll finalize project completion and commissioning documentation, review the installation process and re-assess capabilities, recommending additional training, if necessary

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