Circlelock Solo


The High Security Portal

When it is imperative that only the right person enters an area of your building, there is only one security solution that will do: our Circlelock Solo high security mantrap portal will prevent any attempt to gain unauthorized access and, with the inclusion of a biometric access control system of your choice, confirm the identity of the user entering. A circular portal with two curved sliding doors, the Circlelock opens the outside door upon authorization of an exterior access control system. Once the user has entered the portal, our StereoVision system determines that the user is alone. At this point, an optional biometric identification system can confirm the identity of the user.  When a clear signal is given, the second door opens and  the user can enter the secured area.

The automatic portal also allows for touchless entry, minimizing the transmission of germs while maintaining the highest level of security.

New! BoonConnect Software System

BoonConnect is an IP-addressable, proprietary software system that provides diagnostic and configuration tools for the technician and facility manager. Users can access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via secured corporate network.

The Circlelock Solo has been tested and certified by Intertek to conform to UL Standards 325 & 2593 and CSA 22.2#247 (Canada).

Download Flyer: DIY Vestibules vs Boon Edam Portals

What Is Your Stance on Tailgating?

What is your stance on tailgating? This security entrance prevents tailgating, but there may be other areas across your building with different security requirements. We have entrances that deter tailgating at the fence line or facility perimeter and detect unauthorized entry in lobbies or reception areas. Click here to check out our full range of security entrance solutions.

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