TAP Cylindrical Portals


Single Entry Interlocking Security Portals

These fully programmable cylindrical portals can be designed with metal detection, armored glass, and uni-directional or independent bi-directional electrical controls. The system can be integrated with any type of access control system. Choose from recessed mounting or surface mounting – contact us for details!

Safety and Emergency Controls

  • Inside call button and intercom in the event that assistance is needed.
  • Remote control panel that opens both doors for continuous entry and exit.
  • Connections can be made to the building’s fire alarm system, opening both doors immediately to allow evacuation.
  • Battery back-up system allows for two hours of continuous use.
  • Mechanical release lever that releases the door on the public side.
  • Hand crank to open the door on the secure side.

Please take a look at our range of revolving doorssecurity doors & portals, optical turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, access gates and full height turnstiles to ensure the security of your entry and perimeter.

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