Tourlock 180+90


High Security Revolving Door

The Tourlock 180+90 is an automated four wing security revolving door that provides touchless operation. It is the most advanced, high security revolving door in the Boon Edam product range that offers maximum throughput, allowing users to enter and leave the building simultaneously.

An optional piggybacking detection system for the Tourlock 180+90 is StereoVision, which recognizes shapes, size and volume in three dimensions using time of flight technology - a combination of near infrared and optical sensors. By analyzing this data, the system determines the number of people attempting to enter in a single compartment on one authorization and stops the door when a violation occurs.

The Tourlock 180+90 is a truly "unmanned" security solution, and allows facilities to reallocate existing security guards/staff to other areas of the building. Because of this reallocation, the Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door has an average ROI payback of just 1-2 years.


New! BoonConnect Software System

BoonConnect is an IP-addressable, proprietary software system that provides diagnostic and configuration tools for the technician and facility manager. Users can access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via secured corporate network.

The Tourlock 180+90 has been tested and certified by Intertek to conform to UL Standards 325 & 2593 and CSA 22.2#247 (Canada).

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