Turnlock 150 ASTG


The Multi-Purpose Full Height Turnstile

The Turnlock 150 ASTG combines effective perimeter security with a more sophisticated look and feel. This three-wing full-height turnstile offers the same reliability and security level as the rugged Turnlock 100, but is constructed from anodized aluminum for a sleeker and more pleasing look. This makes the Turnlock 150 suitable for installation in outdoor locations but also inside buildings to provide a secured entry towards certain areas.

All Turnlock models have been tested and certified by Intertek to conform to UL Standard 294.

Completely Updated for Ease of Installation, Aesthetics and Durability

Our full height turnstiles have been a reliable solution for a long time. Nonetheless, we've heard your feedback and recently updated our full height turnstiles to meet the needs of today's installer and owner. Now every turnstile has a completely redesigned top channel that allows for configuration in the field of directional traffic. For example you can switch the direction of fail-lock and fail-safe, or change the locked direction...all in a matter of minutes. In addition, there's a wider end post to allow for easy conduit runs during installation and the ceiling is completely bolt-free and smooth. See the flyer in the Downloads section to learn more about our completely updated full height turnstiles!

What Is Your Stance on Tailgating?

What is your stance on tailgating? This security entrance deters tailgating and casual intrusion attempts, but we also have entrances that detect and prevent tailgating. Click here to check out our higher-level security solutions.


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