Speedlane 900


An Optical Turnstile with Speed

In the increasingly global mobility and dynamic work environments, we see a greater diversity of visitors passing through an entry every day. As the number of visitors is also increasing, security guards and receptionists are having more and more difficulty keeping track of who is and isn’t allowed to enter a certain area of a building. The Speedlane 900 is a versatile optical turnstile that can support staff in ensuring only authorized visitors are allowed to proceed to the secured areas of a building while maintaining a high capacity throughput. 

The elliptical design of the Speedlane 900 emphasizes the natural movement of a visitor through the lane, ensuring a comfortable user experience. The door wings are available in different heights ranging from 35" to 71", making it possible to adapt the level of security in your lobby. A wide variety of finishes are available as well as an extra wide lane that can accomodate diabled users. Thanks to the quick sliding motion of the barriers and the integrated authorization memory, the Speedlane 900 maintains a high capacity throughput of 25-30 people per minute.

 How do Security Entrances Affect an Organization's Bottom Line?

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