Lifeline Speedlane Slide - Security Turnstile


Designed to be bold and beautiful yet intuitively smart, the Lifeline Speedlane Slide is proudly dominating the optical turnstile industry. With its smart sensors and activate-on-approach technology, this security turnstile delivers a modern, welcoming entrance experience.

Lifeline Speedlane Slide: The Solid Security Turnstile

The Lifeline Speedlane Slide optical turnstile has been designed with a curved cabinet to allow for a quick, sliding motion of the glass wings, as well as showcasing intuitive colored LED lights which effortlessly glides along a glossy glass top, guiding users from entry through the authorization and onto the secured side. This product has proven to be a popular choice for those who are unwilling to compromise on security or design.

‘Level Up’ Your Security Turnstile

One size does not fit all, and that is why we at Boon Edam believe in offering modular solutions. This approach allows the security professional to design a tailored entrance solution that balances security and safety with aesthetics.

The result is a unique entrance that fits the needs of each industry, application and individual company. To get started, choose from an array of quality standard options. Then, ‘Level Up’ where it matters most to your company.

You can level up in any of these categories:

  • Throughput
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Aesthetics
  • Technology
  • Comfort

A modular solution approach truly puts the power back into your hands - the power to create a refined entry with ease.

Scalable Flexibility is the Future

The ability to integrate a large variety of secondary security technology into our optical turnstiles is the ideal way in which to fine-tune by ‘Leveling Up’ their entrance security when increased protection is required.

Our goal is to provide you with a security entrance that meets your goals, within your budget, while outperforming other similar solutions safely and beautifully.

More Information on the Lifeline Speedlane Slide

The Lifeline Speedlane Slide is a space-saving alternative to other conventional security turnstiles and is suitable for a variety of building types and sizes. 

 Suggested Segments:

  • Corporate offices
  • Multi-story tenant buildings
  • Medical and pharmaceutical facilities
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Sports facilities
  • Government and embassy buildings


The goal of an organization is to safeguard the valuable assets inside – both people and property. As is often the case, industries must comply with relevant local and national laws, policies and regulations, to achieve the important goal of overall safety and security. Failure to meet the appropriate measures and criteria set out in these regulations could result in catastrophic incidents and substantial fines.

Boon Edam security entrances are trusted solutions that, when integrated with people, processes and other technologies, enable organizations to meet compliance regulations related to restricting access to areas within a building. We take compliance and safety very seriously and ensure that our products are manufactured, installed and maintained to keep up the strict criteria required in all our countries. We are always improving and always committed to making sure our products are compliant and certified.

Working Principle

What Is Your Stance on Tailgating?

What is your stance on tailgating? This security entrance detects tailgating, but we also have entrances that can prevent tailgating proactively. Click here to check out our higher-level security solutions.

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