Lifeline Speedlane Swing


The Sophisticated Optical Turnstile

The Speedlane Swing manages and channels the flow of people entering and moving around buildings. Commonly operating in multiples, thus fluently guiding the flow of high visitor levels; the Speedlane acts as a boundary between public and private worlds. Interacting with both worlds it ensure that the right people are channelled to the right place, placing the control of the entry in its hands.

Part of the Lifeline series, the Speedlane Swing has been designed to the highest standards, ahead of industry trends: 

  • using unique sensors which detect visitors approaching
  • a sleep function to save energy
  • pulsing light strips to guide the user 
  • intuitive and proven symbols to make it user friendly 
  • ergonomic design for customer comfort
  • customization possibilities in fitting with interior design
  • premium quality materials

The Speedlane Swing has been tested and certified to conform to UL Standards 325 and 2593, as well as CSA C22.2.


The Speedlane Swing is available with the widest selection of dimensional and glass choices. Whether it’s for a higher security level or disabled access, every combination is possible. Due to its slim form, an almost invisible gateway is created, instantly giving an air of sleek design. Whether making a statement, fitting with corporate identity colors or creating a harmonious interior design, the Speedlane Swing can be customised to the latest design trends, offering the opportunity to blend-in or stand-out from its surroundings.

In fitting with the latest design trends, the Speedlane Swing is available with the current trending color finishes: 

  • Business
  • Elements
  • Expressions


  • Single lane or multiple lane set-up
  • Jump over detection sensors
  • External control panel

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