Swinglane 900


The Swinging Optical Turnstile with Speed

The Swinglane 900 is a high capacity security lane with a single, swinging barrier that can accurately detect that only authorized visitors are allowed to continue on into the building. Like other turnstiles, the Swinglane 900 relieves the pressure on security guards and receptionists to keep track of pedestrian traffic. The Swinglane 900 can help to ensure a safe working environment for staff even in the increasing global mobility and dynamic work environments in which the number and diversity of visitors is increasing.

The Swinglane 900 consists of two slim units that contain an advanced sensor system that tracks users as they pass through the lane. This way the security lane can ensure that no unauthorized access is attempted while a high throughput of up to 30 people per minute[fn value="*"]Dependent on access control system[/fn] is maintained. The single barrier of the Swinglane 900 swings away from the user to allow access. This friendly motion welcomes visitors into the building.

 How do Security Entrances Affect an Organization's Bottom Line?

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