Transpalock 900


The Elegant, Rotating Glass Turnstile

In a modern and well-designed lobby, the secured entry solutions should match the look and feel of the building. The Transpalock 900 is a glass turnstile that combines glass barriers with a stainless steel column and stainless steel accents to create a beautiful eye-catcher in your lobby.

Three glass barriers are mounted on the central column; a stainless steel tubular frame or curved glass sheet ensures a secure enclosure. The operation of the Transpalock 900 is initiated by an access control system that can be integrated in the stainless steel frame of the enclosure or in an external column. Once an authorization signal is received, the movement of the barriers can be started automatically or by push & go activation

Transpalock 900 Waist High Glass Turnstile for Lobby Security

Glass Security Turnstiles and Gates

In addition to the Transpalock, there are a variety of glass security turnstiles and gates available to deter and detect unauthorized entry – all while maintaining an unobtrusive, sophisticated appearance.

Lifeline Swing Optical Turnstile

Optical Turnstiles

While optical turnstiles aren’t completely transparent, the Lifeline Speedlane Swing model does have a slim cabinet with glass inserts for a minimal look.

Optical turnstiles are ideal to deter and detect tailgating in office buildings, lobbies, banks and more.

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Glass Turnstile Gates Provide ADA Accessibility and Complete Security Turnstile Arrays

Glass Turnstile Gates

Our glass turnstile gate models are used as a complement to our security turnstiles, and provide special access for wheelchairs, deliveries and the like.

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Glass Turnstiles for Energy Efficient Main Entrances

Oftentimes, professionals will refer to revolving doors as turnstiles. Revolving doors offer a variety of benefits at the main entrance of a building.

  • Energy efficiency working under the principle of “always open, always closed”
  • Space-saving
  • Prestige and elegance

Our Crystal TQ all-glass revolving door is a stunning addition to any building.

All Glass Turnstiles or Revolving Doors Create a Stunning, Modern Design at Any Building

Please take a look at our range of revolving doorssecurity doors & portals, optical turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, access gates and full height turnstiles to ensure the security of your entry and perimeter.

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