Trilock 75


The Robust Tripod Turnstile

The Trilock 75 is the tripod turnstile you need when design and aesthetics are important but you also require a truly robust secured entry solution that is able to withstand large user volumes and abusive conditions.

This turnstile also features an exceptionally quiet mechanism that makes very little noise during passage, making it one of the quietest tripods available in the market and ideal for locations that value unobtrusive security solutions.

Available with your choice of custom finishes to match surroundings from transit stations to Class A office buildings, the Trilock 75 tripod turnstile can be customized to meet your needs.

All Trilock tripod turnstile models have been tested and certified to conform to UL Standard 294 and CAN/ULC S319 for Canada.

What Is Your Stance on Tailgating?

What is your stance on tailgating? This security entrance deters tailgating and casual intrusion attempts, but we also have entrances that detect and prevent tailgating. Click here to check out our higher-level security solutions.


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