Revolving Doors

If you're looking for modern revolving doors of the highest quality, you have arrived at the right place at Boon Edam. With over 140 years of experience in revolving doors, we provide products and consulting services that, paired with the expertise of our network of certified distributor partners, meets the highest technical and aesthetic standards.

Automatic or Manual Revolving Doors

The difference between automatic and manual revolving doors is that automatic revolving doors start rotating when approached while the latter requires the user to push the door wing. However, our recent innovations include manual revolving doors that provide power assistance, positioning, automatic security locking, integration with access control systems, or even generate energy! We hope you’ll contact us to learn more.

Choosing Revolving Doors

Click on the desired product for more information. Or, use the filters in the left column to search specifically for a solution that meets your requirements for capacity or application.

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