Revolving Door Security Options

Revolving doors promote energy savings by working under the principle, “always open, always closed.” But the front entrance to a public building, such as a hotel, office building, condominium, or municipal building should also include revolving door security options. Whether there is an unwanted guest immediately outside the door, or the facility manager is locking up for the night, revolving door security options allow for an added layer of protection.

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Manual Floor/Ceiling Locks

To secure a revolving door with manual floor or ceiling locks, a staff member inserts a key, and manually slides the bolt into the locked position.

Exterior Night Locking Doors

To completely enclose the revolving door after hours, bi-parting, curved sliding doors can be manually closed and locked over the throat opening to prevent access to the door’s compartments.

Security Lockdown (360 Locking)

In the event of a security threat or critical emergency, facility staff can electrically lock the door wings immediately, in any position, at the push of a remotely located button.

Remote Locking (360 Nightlocking)

The Remote Locking revolving door security option enables electric locking of the door either manually from a remote location or automatically in conjuction with an access control / building management system. Once initiated, overhead anti-entrapment sensors scan the compartments for user presence. When the door compartments are clear, it stops in the “X” rest position and the electric locks engage.

Access Control Option

An available upgrade option with Remote Locking allows after hours access through the revolving door via an input from an access control system (provided by others).

See some Revolving Door Security Options in action:


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