Security Turnstiles

Given the distressing times that we are living in, more and more Fortune 500 companies are turning to turnstile entry systems to mitigate unauthorized entry to their buildings. And, with the variety of turnstiles available with varying levels of capabilities, security professionals are deploying different types of turnstiles in multiple areas of their facilities as part of an overall physical security plan.

Benefits of Turnstiles

Security turnstiles provide 4 main benefits to an organization. Click here to read more about these in detail.

  • Take the pressure off your staff
  • Visually deter intrusion attempts
  • Work alongside guard/reception staff
  • Integrate with virtually any access control device

Which Turnstile Type is Best for Each Area of Your Building?

There are a variety of turnstiles available, and while this variety is good it can be overwhelming. For example, there are 3-arm, tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, optical turnstiles or “speed gates”, and even more sophisticated security revolving doors and mantrap portals often referred to in the security industry as “turnstiles.” It is critical to select the right type of turnstile for each area of your building. Below is a quick breakdown of the capabilities of each type of turnstile and ideal applications.

Just getting familiar with turnstiles? Learn how different they truly are; download our Comparison Guide to see how each type of turnstile compares to the others using 10 different criteria.



Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod (or waist-high) security turnstiles are a crowd control solution that manage the flow of people into and out of a designated area. They are a tailgating deterrent, but won't stop the determined intruder, who can crawl under or jump over them when no one is looking. Guard supervision is needed at all times.

Tripod turnstiles are found in stadiums, transit stations, amusement parks and even high-end office lobbies that require special architectural finishes and integrated access control systems. We offer several models to choose from, including portable and battery operated turnstiles, ticketing and fare collection and drop-arm models.

Click here to see all Boon Edam tripod turnstile models.




Optical Turnstiles

Sleek and elegant, optical turnstiles use sophisticated sensor technology to detect the passage of a user. Any attempt to bypass the turnstile will be detected and an alarm will sound to alert nearby guard staff. Since they can be defeated, guard supervision is necessary at all times.

Optical turnstiles are ideal for the discreet management of high traffic in offices, lobbies, banks, etc. We offer barrier and barrier-free opticals in a wide variety of cabinet styles and finishes and sensor technologies.

Click here to see all Boon Edam optical turnstile models.




Full Height Turnstiles

Full height turnstiles provide a higher level of security than a tripod because they can't be crawled under or jumped over. They can be defeated, though, and do not have sensors to alert guard staff of such an attempt.

When integrated with access control systems, full-heights can protect areas such as parking lots, stadiums, transit stations, factories, and construction sites. Boon Edam offers several types and finishes ranging from durable, utilitarian metal turnstiles to transparent models using glass and polycarbonate, suitable for indoor environments. Space-saving tandem (double) models are also available.

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Security Revolving Doors and Portals

Security revolving doors and mantrap portals are often called “turnstiles” in the security industry. Providing the highest level of security available in an entrance solution, security doors and portals  prevent infiltration by tailgating and piggybacking at such a reliable level that no guard supervision is needed, and therefore offer a swift payback on the investment. They also can provide metrics data that allows a manager to measure their building’s penetration risk.

Security doors and portals are used as employee-only or escorted guest entrances in Class A office buildings, government buildings, data centers, distribution centers, and more. .

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Did you know? Turnstiles and security doors are very different relative to their impact on the bottom line. For more information, download our whitepaper today.


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