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Maintaining Optimum Entry Performance Through Regular Service

When an entrance is out of order it can affect the access of hundreds to thousands of people a day. Not only is this inconvenient, but, if the entrance did not receive any tune-ups or preventative maintenance, it can also be expensive. If the out of order entrance is a security door or turnstile, this can leave your organization vulnerable to infiltration and the employment of a guard to watch the area can be costly.  Protect your investment from outages and unnecessary damage by signing up for a Boon Edam Service Agreement.


Why Boon Edam for Your Entrance Service?

Our technicians focus only on Boon Edam products – they are trained to an extensive degree and are constantly working on them every day in their careers. They are intimately familiar with the latest software updates, parts and mechanical updates. All of this translates to a level of expertise that can quickly service or troubleshoot your entrance with a minimum of disruption or downtime!

What Are the Benefits of a Service Agreement?

  • Regular inspections of entrances (including applying lubricants, replacing worn parts, upgrading software, etc.) at least two times per year, maximizes product longevity and the investment
  • Predictable budgeting, vs. unpredictable, costly, “surprise” product failures and downtime  
  • Proactive management stance  
  • Relieve facility staff of pressure and allow them to focus on other areas of expertise
  • Save money -- get discounts on parts and labor

Our Service Agreements can be completely tailored to your unique situation: your facility, your entrances, and the throughput you experience. We are eager to learn about your needs and find the right fit for you and your budget. Contact us today using the form to the right or one of the methods below.

Protect Your Investment with Boon Edam’s Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps to protect your entrance investment. Doors and turnstiles are built to last years and even decades with regular maintenance. With a moderate expense over time you will keep your entrances in top condition and proactively address wear and tear elements. In return, you will never be caught off guard by a surprise breakdown. Also, when you have preventative maintenance as part of an overall Service Agreement, when something does need to be repaired or replaced, you’ll get a discount on parts and labor.


Guidelines for Caring for Entrances Between Service Visits

It is important to conduct routine maintenance checks on a daily or weekly basis to ensure entrances are operating correctly between service visits. We describe these procedures in our Operation and Maintenance Manuals that come with your entrance, and we’ve also created some handy videos. Navigate to the “Videos” tab to view these videos for the Tourlock 180 security revolving door, Circlelock Solo mantrap portal and our Lifeline optical turnstiles.

One method for ensuring the best appearance and hygiene of your entrance solutions is daily and weekly cleaning and disinfecting. The appropriate cleaning method will depend on the type of finish(es) present on your entrances. Click here to learn about recommended cleaning methods for Boon Edam entrances.

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