Gaining Employee Buy-in

How Security Entrances Encourage Employee Buy-In of Security Policies

Your employees are the best assets your business has. Much of the security in your facility is devoted to protecting your employees from outside harm and ensuring their safety in hazardous locations. Your business probably has a series of security protocols in place across operations and work areas to protect your employees, and to help them protect themselves. It’s an important part of risk mitigation that your personnel be actively engaged in the security process, and understanding the need for access control is a key factor in that engagement.

Showing Employees that You Care

Your employees move through the entrances to your campus and buildings every day as they arrive at work, as they exit your facility and as they move through different areas or buildings within your campus. When you have highly visible security entrances such as optical turnstiles, security revolving doors or portals, these serve as reminders every day for your employees that you have put security measures in place to protect them. You can also communicate the ability to accurately account for everyone inside the building during an emergency situation.

Knowing that their employer has invested time and money into their safety helps to keep employees involved in the security process and engaged with security procedures. When your employees are aware of the protections in place for their safety, they will also be more engaged with security policies and procedure.

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