Predictive Analytics

Ensuring the Accuracy of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics are a fast-growing trend in security, just as they are across the entire business landscape. They leverage the vast amount of data now being generated by every digital device on and off the network, and have the power to enable organizations to predict future events. To achieve this, the software analyzes data from various sources, finds correlations and abnormalities and uses deep learning and neural networks to create models to detect and predict when abnormal behaviors occur.

Security Systems Detect Trends

Data from access control, video surveillance, incident management and other systems is used to fuel predictive analytics both for the purposes of security and to meet other business objectives. For example, by correlating the data that a particular employee suddenly began coming back to the office at night on the same dates as thefts of laptops were recorded, predictive analytics can alert security management the next time the employee enters the premises after hours. Their ID card can be automatically invalidated, preventing easy egress, and personnel can be dispatched to the area of the building where the thefts have been taking place.

Entrance Solutions Control Access While Providing Analytics

Because security entrances have the capability to control access to only those who have authorization, they are the ideal solution to integrate with predictive analytics. Whether the identification source is an ID card, pin code, proximity device or biometrics, with security entrances you can be sure only those individuals who have the correct permissions and authorities can enter the premises.

Right now in vertical markets from data centers to retail to healthcare, predictive analytics are changing the security systems model. Integrating this sophisticated software with security entrances gives organizations the most precise possible information about just who is entering and exiting the facility and when they do so – providing a wealth of data to make predictions as accurate as possible.


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