Securing Budget

Proving the Case for Security Entrances in Your Budget

The entrances to your facility are your first line of defense. The hardware and technology you put into place at the entry are your organization’s first measures to protect against crime, liability, and other threats to your employees and assets. Security entrances offer the first opportunity to control who enters your facility, and to ensure that those who attempt to enter are who they claim to be. Many businesses have a variety of entrances serving different parts of a facility, from a front entrance, which may open to a lobby with valuable artwork, to a service entrance directly from an employee parking garage with its own controlled access points.

Organizations naturally want to make sure that the entrances and exits of their facility help to secure both the facility itself and the employees and important assets within. An entrance that is not properly secured, or doesn’t accurately track which employees have entered and exited a building, can open a business to a host of security risks and threats to various business operations, from simple theft of property to brand damage and corporate espionage.

What Could Happen if Someone Unauthorized Got In?

A major theft, violence or other security incident at your facility can create negative press for your brand, cause your stock price to drop, and make for internal distractions that disrupt workflow, as well as creating concern and discontent among employees who are worried about their safety at the job. Without security entrances that control access, verify identity and prevent tailgating (when an uncredentialled individual slips through directly behind one with access authority), it becomes much easier for someone to enter your facility and cause these and other types of incidents.

For example, a dissatisfied former employee could enter your facility and enact violence on staff they feel have wronged them, beginning with the CEO. Hackers who use social engineering tactics to get around security guards at your entrance are then far more able to access your network (and your employees) to steal intellectual property and other proprietary corporate information. To protect yourself from these threats and others, having strong security at all of your entrances—including at internal entrances to more restricted parts of a facility—is critical to mitigating risk for every aspect of your business.

Why Your Current Entrance Doesn't Work...

Creating a security checkpoint at your entrances is an obvious choice to help protect your business from these threats. There are many ways to make a case for the ROI for installing security at your entrances — it protects your brand, your stock price, and your assets and employees from theft or harm. Many solutions on the market, however, are ineffective against more serious threats. No matter what type of lock or access control is in use, a swing door can be held open in an act of common courtesy that allows any number of individuals to walk right through. Credentials can be passed back through a controlled entrance from an authorized person to another without credentials. There are dozens of ways a determined and clever individual can get around a security guard. Without security entrances, you may spend a great deal – on installation, maintenance, technology and manpower – for a solution that doesn’t adequately protect your business.

Benefits of Security Entrance Solutions

A security entrance such as a security revolving door can offer a complete solution to greatly decrease the risk of any of these security threats. A highly cost-efficient solution, security revolving doors are a one-time expense that helps to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your facility by preventing tailgating, and also helps you to keep track of all personnel who have entered or exited by integrating with access control to record credentialed entrances. Available technology includes sensors inside the door to ensure that only one person enters for each set of credentials, and its full height disallows physical breaches or credential pass-back. And unlike a guard, it cannot be distracted or tricked – and it doesn’t call in sick.

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