Security Tailgating

The Best Way to Eliminate Unauthorized Entry Due to Tailgating

The security measures you put in place at the entrances and exits of your organization are the first line of defense against intrusion at your facility. However, even with measures such as access control in place, you may still be at risk from unauthorized entry to your facility.

The Most Common Security Issue

Tailgating is one of the most common security issues across all industries and can occur in a variety of ways. These range widely from abusing the common courtesy of holding the door for the person behind you, to joining in a crowd of people to create the appearance of authorization, to tricking an authorized user into allowing the person entry. Tailgating presents many security threats since it is the entrance of an unauthorized individual: disgruntled employees desiring to cause harm, theft of valuables, and defacement of property among others. Even within your employee population, there may be the possibility for tailgating to occur—if there’s a restricted access area such as a datacenter, laboratory, or pharmacy, you may need specialized access control for that area.

Only Effective Method for Tailgating Mitigation

No access control system paired with a standard opening door can prevent tailgating. Many are capable of alerting security when tailgating has occurred, but do not have measures in place to keep it from happening. Security entrances are the only sure way to mitigate tailgating.

Turnstiles, both waist-height and full-height, are able to address tailgating by closing after each individual who walks through, and sounding an alarm when tailgating does occur. In the highest security environments, security revolving doors and mantrap portals have sophisticated technology to fully eliminate the possibility of tailgating. These types of entrances can also be integrated with high-security identity verification such as biometrics or facial recognition to further ensure that the person going through the door is who they say they are, and that they are authorized to enter. To truly eliminate tailgating and the security risks it presents, it makes sense to deploy technology that can achieve those objectives.

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