StereoVision 2®

The Ultimate in Anti-Piggybacking Technology

Many of the demands for high security solutions resulting from the emerging threats in society are now answered with our StereoVision 2® anti-piggybacking technology. With StereoVision® in a Boon Edam Tourlock Security Revolving Door or Circlelock Security Portal you can reliably eliminate attempts to piggyback (two users attempting to pass in the same compartment on only one authorization) into your building.

StereoVision Anti-Piggybacking Technology

What is StereoVision 2®?

Our 2nd generation StereoVision 2® is a highly sophisticated detection system that uses a combination of an optical camera and near infrared sensors to recognize shapes, size and volume in three dimensions. Analysis of the data allows the system to determine if more than one person is in a compartment and prompt the door to deny passage when a violation is detected. Sophisticated 3D vision technology provides high security without the need for floor excavation. The combination of optical and near infrared technologies delivers an extremely high accuracy rate even when used in adverse light or environmental conditions.

Security solution

StereoVision 2® is now available as a standard option for one or two-way piggybacking detection in our Tourlock and Circlelock doors. StereoVision 2® can also be installed into an existing 4-wing Tourlock as a security upgrade or combined with a biometric device inside a Circlelock for authorized user identity authentication. Contact your Regional Business Development Manager to determine if StereoVision 2® is appropriate for your application.

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